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  1. It shouldn't spark at the bottom! The flywheel on your bike sounds like its been taken from a twin cylinder motor, because its sending 2 signals per rev to your ECU.
  2. richt


    Stylmartin are on Black Friday offer for £149 from £249.
  3. If you can't get a replacement part, I would recommend Loctite 638 retaining compound.
  4. Yes, you are right the cooling system should be adequate and has been for about 18 years😀 so something has happened or changed more recently. I reckon the fan is operating ok it comes on and stays on because it needs to. When the engine is stopped to let it cool the fan isn't running when you start it up later. Your radiator is clear inside and outside then something is generating more heat than normal. Did it do this before changing the gaskets?
  5. The impeller should be solid on the shaft. Even when the engine is stopped the coolant will circulate ("Thermo Syphon") so long as the level is full. The main causes of heat and extra pressure are often due to combustion gasses leaking into the cooling system via a leaking head gasket or a leaking seal in the radiator cap not holding enough pressure so the coolant boils at a lower temp. To test the pump, you could try undoing the top rad hose and kick start the motor or briefly run it whilst holding your thumb over the end. Note it shouldn't be easy to stop the flow, but you are checking for good positive circulation. Hope this helps.
  6. A 2004 pro clutch should use brake fluid. They changed in 05 / 06 and started putting a dark green top on the master cylinder to indicate it's changed to Mineral oil.
  7. I don't think there's a definitive answer. A lot can depend on how you fall and all the conditions. I mean I've broken ribs and collar bone (separate crashes) while wearing full armour so it can still happen. I would say wear enough to make you feel confident and enjoy riding verses acceptable risk.
  8. I got mine from Trials UK!
  9. The lining in my old one became a bit tired after about 4 years, so I treated it to a new one. If you have to wear a helmet it's better to have one that you like, its vented, light weight and its comfy. The cost isn't as important.
  10. I've recently bought another Airoh TRR. They are excellent helmets.
  11. Here's something else to consider, how much and what type of grease? Thick heavy grease fully crammed in, This may stop crud getting in but the needles won't roll, then they get flats worn onto them so you've just converted them into bushes and are knackered. Thinner lighter grease fully crammed in. The excess could easily run out through the seals but the seals are there to stop crud getting in so they should operate just like bearings. They are not easy to clean and repack with fresh grease so this is a design issue, manufactures have stopped installing grease nipples which would allow you to pump fresh grease in and flushing out the old. Always use the same grease and never mix with other specs or brands, doing so can create problems, i.e. turn it fluid or turn it into solid wax or cause chemical reactions with the bearing materials.
  12. Also the reason full compliment needle roller bearings are fitted with the numbers facing outward is because of the manufacture process. The roller shell is formed at one end and stamped with the number then heat treated and hardened. While the unformed end is left soft for when the needles are installed then the shell can be swaged over. this end remains softer which means it cannot withstand any impact force when inserting them.
  13. I've just done a quick search and this came up "The Secure Shed Company" in Telford.
  14. You don't say where you are! Yep get out there and enjoy.
  15. richt

    Leaking Coolant

    The way you have described it, coolant cannot leak from between the crankcase halves.
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