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  1. I've just done a quick search and this came up "The Secure Shed Company" in Telford.
  2. You don't say where you are! Yep get out there and enjoy.
  3. richt

    Leaking Coolant

    The way you have described it, coolant cannot leak from between the crankcase halves.
  4. You just need to start it moving. Try a hammer but usually I use a "Copper Knocker" as they don't bounce back instead they provide a dead hit meaning all the force is used. It's a bit of strange science but it works well.
  5. Which country are you in? They are available in UK.
  6. Great story and great achievement, I can't comment about how easy Bradford club trials are but I think you should give em a go. You have a lot of experience. If you like it then great, if you don't then at least you'll know for yourself. Its all about getting out on your bike. Manchester 17 run "Dead Easy" trials I would certainly recommend trying one.
  7. I helped a friend with his 07 Pro that had Ducati electrics and no spark, We changed the regulator first but ended up replacing the CDI box which fixed the issue. We got the parts from GGUK now called John Shirt Motorcycles. You need to be sure its what you need before buying them because they are pricey, They cannot be returned once they've been unwrapped and fitted.
  8. My 04 has Kokusan electrics with separate units (CDI & Coil) where as the Ducati electrics have an integrated CDI & Coil all in the same box. If you have Kokusan you could do this check before spending a lot of money. Test the CDI box by taking the +ve wire off the ignition coil and fit a test lamp between it and the frame, Take the sparkplug out so the engine will spin easier using the kick start spin the engine over, this test should hopefully make the test lamp flash if the CDI box is sending a signal to the coil. If it flashes then the coil is suspect! If it doesn't flash then the CDI is suspect and more expensive!
  9. I thought the boots were the same for each (mineral oil or fluid) you have a mineral oil master cyl. I use a socket to push the boot in rather than chasing it around with a couple of screwdrivers.
  10. I fitted an Apico lanyard kill switch. It was a direct replacement for the standard one.
  11. I used a piece of tube to fit over the stem to knock the lower bearing on. Be sure the tube only contacts the bearing race and not the roller cage.
  12. 11/39 is very high geared. Standard over here is 10/42T. which is what I currently use.
  13. 🤣 If it's any consolation I don't do it on purpose! The housings are not too hardy but reassuringly expensive, I hope you can figure out a good fix for it because last time I saw the price of one over here it were £70. about half that of a full unit .😮
  14. Which O-Ring? the only one on mine is between the pump and the engine casing but that is to seal oil. There is a clear coloured flat gasket (not an O-ring) under the flange of the brass bush. I fitted this dry on mine and it doesn't leak but a friend did have one he couldn't stop leaking and it was because the body had an almost invisible tiny crack after being attacked by a rock.
  15. Those kinks or dents are caused by the lower fork yoke hitting the frame in a crash.
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