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  1. Coolant can only get in the gear oil through the water pump seal. So the seal may damaged, or fitted wrong way round, or the cooling system is being excessively pressurised. I have had this and the pressure was caused by a leaking cylinder head O-ring, A quick test for this is to run the engine with the radiator cap off and look for any air bubbles or or hold your thumb over the top to seal the system and remove it after a few seconds, if air pressure or coolant blows out then you may need to remove the cylinder head check for cracks and replace the O-ring seals. Be careful because if the hot gasses are leaking into the coolant it will get heat up much quicker than normal. Hope this helps Good luck.
  2. It maybe you still have some coolant remaining in the gearbox and you need flush the gearbox a couple of times with fresh oil. Both water pumps are interchangeable on all Pro models 2002 to 2023.
  3. The bikes changed in 2011 but the Raga changed a year earlier 2010, The decals are not interchangeable between either side of the changes. If you have the latest frame design then you need to get a 2011 set.
  4. I wanted a spare magnet and was told that Jitsie magnets don't work with Apico switches and vice versa. They are both open switches but the magnet polarity is reversed and apparently the magnet won't stay on. So that's the reason I knew they are not all the same, My GasGas works by earthing the coil.
  5. The two switches need to be wired in parallel and not in series, so it sounds like it should work okay. I would check that the operation of both switches are the same way button 1 open when not pressed and button 2 open when magnet attached. I suspect they are not the same.
  6. That's not a 2012 model. At best, it is dressed up in 2006 graphics. The frame number will give you the the correct year of manufacture. i.e. If there is a letter "G" in the middle of the number then it's a 2006. or if it has an "F" then it's a 2005.
  7. Yeah, when they say a higher number is a hotter plug it's actually a cooler plug so that it can tolerate a hotter burn temperature as in higher performance engines. As for brake pads I use Red Galfer or DP.
  8. I started with my old enduro top and bottoms, knee guards. Your Forma Boulder boots will be perfect, I would recommend you get a well vented helmet.👍
  9. It shouldn't spark at the bottom! The flywheel on your bike sounds like its been taken from a twin cylinder motor, because its sending 2 signals per rev to your ECU.
  10. richt


    Stylmartin are on Black Friday offer for £149 from £249.
  11. If you can't get a replacement part, I would recommend Loctite 638 retaining compound.
  12. Yes, you are right the cooling system should be adequate and has been for about 18 years😀 so something has happened or changed more recently. I reckon the fan is operating ok it comes on and stays on because it needs to. When the engine is stopped to let it cool the fan isn't running when you start it up later. Your radiator is clear inside and outside then something is generating more heat than normal. Did it do this before changing the gaskets?
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