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  1. I'm aware of clutch operation .. 15 years of motor trade and Motorsport (rallying). I have no desire to turn the performance down, however if it is possible to make it more manageable whilst I initially learn ... Remember I have never ridden a bike before ... Then I'm happy people are willing to give advice and I can choose what avenue to go down. As my initial post mentioned ... It scared me ... Having now been out a few times and having listened to the commenters I realised I wasn't the only person with that fear and I'm now able to roll around over banks etc with a sense of what I'm actually doing.
  2. It's not about not wanting the performance it's about learning and understanding all aspects of the bike, how it rides and how it works.
  3. Having now ridden the bike a few times I would say this is totally the situation. With my clutch lever around bite point when moving slowly if I blip the throttle it really jumps at me. How do I adjust or set this up ?
  4. Guys I really appreciate all these comments ... Now I've reflected I can't wait to get back on the bike and I'm going out with 2 friends who both have ridden for some time. I've read lots about bike set up and I did feel comfortable when I was doing figure 8s etc. Il report back after my next outing. ?
  5. Il leave as is for now. I think I felt like I was the only person to have ever experienced this. I was fine pulling away ... It was when moving and I wanted to increase the speed it took me by surprise!
  6. Is this the orange wire you are talking about ? If I disconnected this will it simply allow the bike to rev higher ?
  7. Experience = none But I've made secret of this. The bike seems very snappy and jerky when applying initial throttle ... It's much smoother higher up the revs ...
  8. It had a quick response (white) when I bought it .. I replaced this with a black domino slow unit. Can I ask what difference this makes to the ignition and how should I adapt it ? Not sure what sprockets I'm running.
  9. So today I went out on the bike for the first real time. And tbh it scared me senseless ... I was just doing figure 8s and I was fine riding circles, could balance no probse but I then used 2nd gear and a few more revs to move off .. front lurched up and I felt totally out of control after nearly coming off the back. Properly had the shakes after and couldn't get back on it. Now I'm worried I've made a mistake trying it .. can anyone help / share their advice or experience? Did you all start the same ? Steve
  10. Lwb high roof connect ... Perfect for trials bike ... Got some accoustic carpet to add but works great.
  11. Quick update ... Tidy and rebuild complete for now ... Time to learn how to ride it!!
  12. Thanks for the comments all, I popped the cover off and double checked everything and I think it is actually just an adjustment to my thinking about what is right or wrong that's needed. I rode the bike for the 1st time tonight, amazing fun. ?
  13. so after a huge rebuild of my bike I still have 1 very annoying issue ... however .. my question is … is it an issue or how it should be ? I cannot select neutral easily when the bike is running. I have done the following: New Clutch basket New Primary Drive gear New plates etc and Pack measures 9.80 mm Fingers at 17.00 New gear oil - putoline light gear oil Clutch lever adjusted with 3mm of free play and piston returns fully. Fully bled with new mineral oil (defo no air) Clutch lever can be pulled in with my little finger, tiny amount of drag / push when in gear and clutch in. Have I done something wrong or is this just the way it is. Thanks for any advice Steve
  14. Cheers for advice. Have ordered new basket and complete clutch pack and going to try putoline light gear oil. Fingers crossed all is good ?
  15. So I have removed the clutch pack to asses the horrific clutch drag and found the pack to be 10.20mm .. have ordered a new unit to eradicate this .. However ... On inspection the large clutch gear has uniform groves on 1 side where the plates meet, but looking at a new image they arnt there (See pic below). would this add / worsen the drag if the plates twist and stick in them and should I replace the unit? Sorry if the terminology in this is incorrect. Thanks Steve
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