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  1. As a follow up for anyone with similar concerns.. The bike lift was high up but it was surprisingly easier than I first thought, put the rear wheel in first and even at the end of the trial it was no problem lifting it in. No issues with bike hitting the car in any way either, I used MX 1.5 Phatty straps with carabiner clips and these were spot on... Thanks for all the great replies...
  2. Good to hear how to do it first hand thanks... I'd half considered using the bike stand first as it lifts the wheel up a fair bit, then lifting in from there but I would imagine it might be a bit wobbly high up and probably better to lift from lower down.. Going to try a few practice attempts first in the drive before trying tired out and covered in mud...
  3. Great tips guys thanks, like the sound of the milk crate (knackered rider) method tho.... ?
  4. Sounds like a good idea front wheel first and then grab the swinging arm cheers...
  5. Fitted my DC rack to the Freelander and the rack looks great though the height to lift the back wheel looks very high... anyone have any tips on getting it up high enough to load... think the beta will be OK but my Sherpa is a lot heavier...
  6. Great reply look forward to the pictures, cheers
  7. After weighing it all up went for a rack in the end, had nowhere to store a trailer properly... but looking at it now where do my existing electrics go once the rack bar is in behind the towbar.. do you just bend the electrics bracket?
  8. Great answer thanks... There you go that was worth asking as I literally had no idea so won't be bothering with that then... ?
  9. I want to clean out my Sherpa exhaust by the caustic soda method but reading up on it is a bit confusing... use of a rubber/potato bung, etc etc... If anyone has got any experience of doing it this way could give a step by step guide that would be great. Cheers Tony ?
  10. Trying to remove the swinging arm spindle from a Model 221 and it's not moving even slightly, any tips on heating it up to remove... Planning on replacing with new Inc bushes, grateful for any help. Cheers
  11. Thanks for your reply, had a load of bits floating around in an old Tlr tank once so thought it was worth checking out.
  12. Is modern fuel OK in an alloy tank, I know there are issues with ethanol and was wondering if I'll need to coat the inside with flowliner or something similar. Appreciate any info cheers
  13. That's really helpful Greg cheers, looks like the one to get then thanks.
  14. Yes it looks the same from what's left of the one I took off.. but as it didn't list 221 I figured it was different in some way... Guess this will fit OK? Didn't know if someone had made an aftermarket alloy version...
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