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  1. Trying to remove the swinging arm spindle from a Model 221 and it's not moving even slightly, any tips on heating it up to remove... Planning on replacing with new Inc bushes, grateful for any help. Cheers
  2. Thanks for your reply, had a load of bits floating around in an old Tlr tank once so thought it was worth checking out.
  3. Is modern fuel OK in an alloy tank, I know there are issues with ethanol and was wondering if I'll need to coat the inside with flowliner or something similar. Appreciate any info cheers
  4. That's really helpful Greg cheers, looks like the one to get then thanks.
  5. Yes it looks the same from what's left of the one I took off.. but as it didn't list 221 I figured it was different in some way... Guess this will fit OK? Didn't know if someone had made an aftermarket alloy version...
  6. Got a 221 restoration on the go and removed what's left of the airbox... Is there a replacement anyone knows of as a look online didn't show up much, cheers Tony
  7. I'll look into the castor idea... there is a thing for moving garden pots around that might work as well ?
  8. The Erde bike trailer will stand up on its end which would allow me to store it... Has anyone done this and got a system (caster set, etc) to then manoeuvre it where you want it to go. If I could tip it up and then wheel it that would be perfect for where I can store it.....
  9. Had a reply from DC.zinc coated 4x4 rack Inc straps and light board around £125.. Still not clear how it actually attaches but I think this is the way to go cheers.
  10. My concern was with fitting it to my towbar... I thought I had a swanneck tow ball which seemed to cause problems for others but on further inspection it's square section coming out straight with the ball attached to that, so hopefully it might be more secure. Thanks for the reply I'll give DC a ring and see what's best.
  11. Coming back to trials and always previously used an Erde trailer but I don't have the room any more so considering a Dave Cooper rack... Will this fit the land rover OK? Grateful for any help..
  12. ssdt1980

    Paint match

    Anyone know a good match for the grey on the clutch case on a 2010 Evo 250, tried Beta Uk and they didn't know. It looks the same grey used on a Rev 3 but I'm not sure. Cheers Tony
  13. I've got a feeling the hub has gone slightly oval, and I can't source a TLM wheel anywhere, any sugestions on where to get the hub machined or lined. Thanks for the replies earlier.
  14. The brakes on my TLR200 are pants, they don't seem to lock up like on my Fantic 200. They feel spongy, got new shoes in front and back. Any easy options? And is getting hubs lined and machined expensive?
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