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  1. gasserguy

    when was my oset made?

    Ask the people that will know. https://osetbikes.com/gb/company-and-history/about-oset/
  2. gasserguy

    New to the sport

    2T, Max 250
  3. gasserguy

    Zona1 trials practice

    All done on F/B
  4. gasserguy

    Wheel Couriers

  5. gasserguy


    Bultaco UK has most of the import docs....... https://www.inmotiontrials.com/
  6. gasserguy

    world round on tv ?

    They are a about a week after the event on TV...... Plus it is on the listing the following Saturday, 1st June.. It will be on You Tube before then ...https://www.freesports.tv/tv-schedule.html
  7. gasserguy

    Some help please :)

    Not worth it......
  8. gasserguy

    Ross Noble Off Road

    Must have been repeated 4 or 5 times on Dave now........
  9. gasserguy

    Radiator repair

  10. gasserguy

    Advice on age of this bike please.

    Ask MRS with the frame number.... https://www.mrsltd.co.uk/contact/contact.aspx
  11. gasserguy

    Who will do me a dating certificate?

    Check to see if it was registered before by doing a Trade HPI check at a dealer by Vin plate. Could save a lot of money! If not Dave at In Motion / Bultaco UK although not on the DLA approved list the DVLA seem to think he is part of Bultaco....... lol
  12. gasserguy

    Question for TRS riders

    250rr is lovely...... Had 3 now......
  13. gasserguy

    Battery hour meter for 2018 Beta Evo 200

  14. gasserguy

    Newbie already broken bike!

    Richard Allen used trials spares..........
  15. gasserguy

    Gas gas randonne

    Sell it...