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  1. Build up to the Scott

    Who knows. I only mentioned that a lot was on social media about Billy Bolt and riders not happy and my post got removed.....
  2. Ford Connect L2 or Citroen Dispatch

    Got a L2 Connect, 2 bikes is easy. 3 bikes is OK but you won't get 3 adults in the front as it only has a 1 and a half passenger seat.
  3. Trs rr 250 mapping switch and smoking

    The user manual has stuff in like mapping switch and lots more. http://trsmotorcyclesuk.com/tech/
  4. Most bikes are checked with a visit when registering now by a firm called SGS on behalf of the DVLA. They check frame & engine number and make sure the bike is original. If no clear and visable numbers they won't accept.
  5. Bultaco parts

  6. Carole Nash Off Road Insurance

    MSM. The best......... http://www.msminsurance.co.uk/personal-insurance/motor/motorcycle-trials-enduro
  7. TRS Raidator Cover / Grill

    Direct from TRS UK. 6p each....... http://trsmotorcyclesuk.com/parts/
  8. 2 is very easy with tons of room. Lovely vans........
  9. How to transport on Range Rover Sport

    I use these on the Lambo......... https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Tow-Ball-Swan-Neck-to-Flange-Converter-BR-S2f-by-Bak-rak/15008786818?iid=182806815925&chn=ps
  10. Is Ossa still good?

    If your new don't get a 300 !!! 250 is best.........
  11. Age certificate for Montesa

    No owners club, That's why we advised above to use the VMCC who will cover this bike and supply a age certificate.. List here of DVLA approved clubs. Nothing for Montesa.. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/733199/v765x1-list-of-vehicle-owners-clubs.pdf
  12. Which one would you buy?

    What i like and you like could be a million miles apart. Try them is the only way to find out......... It's the Marmite question.......
  13. Age certificate for Montesa

    My bikes have been checked by SGS just to make sure the VIN was clear and not been tampered with. They also wanted to check the bike was in standard spec to make sure a age related plate was suitable for the bike. If the bike has been modifed it won't get a age related plate. Every bike must have a NOVA number record on the sytem or the DVLA won't except it. Just about every post says on registering a bike says you need a NOVA number, This has been the case since April 2013. Simple as that, even if no duty was due.. The V5C arrived within a week.
  14. Age certificate for Montesa

    VMCC. Any make......... DVLA approved. https://vmcc.net/Library-and-DVLA-Forms
  15. http://www.vmcc.net/Library-and-DVLA-Forms