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  1. gasserguy

    Gasgas txt 250 voltage regulator

  2. gasserguy

    Hired a van

    Only have a van.......
  3. MSM do road both types of insurance........ Non registered or road registered and know what a trials bike is........... http://www.msminsurance.co.uk/personal-insurance/motor/motorcycle-trials-enduro
  4. gasserguy

    Securing a trials bike

    Chain and ground anchor is what the insurance company wants so do that and if it's knicked you claim your money and get another.. Chains will stop the chancers. Won't stop someone who comes prepared.
  5. gasserguy

    Securing a trials bike

    Yeap...... In & out above the chain and fixed to a good ground anchor. You won't get it in one side & out the other though unless a small chain.
  6. gasserguy

    Securing a trials bike

    You can chain it through the frame........ All my differing bikes have been chained that way....
  7. gasserguy

    Changing pads in braktec caliper

    They just drop out the bottom of the caliper once no brake disk in place to hold them in.
  8. gasserguy

    Bash hats

    Go to a dealer like BVM, Try them on. They all differ slighty........
  9. gasserguy

    KTM trials bike

  10. gasserguy

    Montesa v Beta

    Just try both and make your own mind up !!!!
  11. gasserguy

    Reiger shock set up.

    Have you asked Steve ? http://trsmotorcyclesuk.com/contact/
  12. gasserguy

    Floating front brake disk NOT floating

    Yeap, Mine as well
  13. gasserguy

    1996 gasgas pampera 250

    Do a HPI check at a dealer (Not internet) by vin number. That will give you the registration number. Then you can request a new log book on a V62 form Much cheaper that way or can be free. Simples https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/application-for-a-vehicle-registration-certificate
  14. gasserguy

    ACU Unique Numbers

    Doubtful as loads have done memberships and licence renewal since October., Had my new 2019 licence for 6 weeks now........ You best phone them in the morning..
  15. gasserguy

    Swing arm bearings

    Speak to In motion https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/125-200-swing-arm-bushs-pair/