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  1. Trou Trouble is he's not on the current DVLA approved list so your be wasting your money as the DVLA won't accept it....... https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/928848/V765X1_150920.pdf
  2. Make sure the vin number is clear or no chance to register it and it's going to cost around £200 - £250. The problem with Fantics is getting a dating letter as they are no longer in business and the DVLA only accept dating letters from the manufacturer, importer or owners club. None exist now that are on the DVLA approved list. Your have to use someone like the VMCC, (Vintage Motor Cycle Club) who can charge £120 or more for a dating letter with a vehicle inspection. MOT on the vin plate @ £30. NOVA from HMRC in Belfast to show import duty & VAT paid, Normally free for a bike that age. Completed V55/5 downloaded from the DLVA, £55 first registration fee, plus 12 months road tax @ £44, If the bike is over 40 years old it can be registered as an ‘Historic Vehicle’ and the tax will be free for ever and no future MOT’s will be required. If they accept it's then a registration plate & insurance unless your in NI and insurance will be needed before registration on the vin number. You could also just SORN it. DVLA are taking 4- 5 weeks for applications at the moment. I do think that having the bike registered will make it easier to insure and will add a bit of value to the bike. https://www.vmcc.net/Library-and-DVLA-Forms https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/register-a-used-vehicle-for-the-first-time-v555
  3. Good place to start is Mike at https://www.motomerlin.org.uk/
  4. All in the GOV motorcycle MOT manual. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/mot-inspection-manual-for-motorcycles plus no such thing as a daylight MOT, It's a standard motorcycle MOT. The rule with lights including brake light is if fitted they must work with dip and main beam, If not fitted or masked up it's just an advisory.. No reflector needed if no lights fitted either. Speedo is not part of the MOT but to be road legal you need one. Bulb horn is only on bikes before 1973 so OK
  5. Phone HMRC in Belfast, 0300 3227071 and ask them to email a NOVA1 form and guide for a barn find bike...... Fill in form and send with letter, Takes about a week. Best get dating letter first from Yamaha so you have proof it's an old bike as they normally want to see that as well... Your MOT station will also want it for dating the bike on the system when it has it's first MOT from the vin plate then the DVLA will also want the original for a age related plate registration...... The vin plate must be clear and easily readable or it won't get MOT'd or registered. https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/gb/en/contact/coc_dating-letter/dating-letter/
  6. If it ain't broke, don't fix it !!!
  7. Entry opens on the 25th.. Link here...... https://www.acu.org.uk/events/November-2020/Wycombe-District-MCC-Ltd/Trials/Great-Wood-Near-Hambledon-ACU59799.aspx
  8. You can only ride it if you pre enter the event and are a ACU licence holder. No spectators are allowed at any event due to Covid-19 at the moment.........
  9. http://www.manchester17.org.uk/Trials_Pages/Trials_Home_Page.htm
  10. Just buy a Electronic ignition kit. Mines miles better with it........... No messing about with points
  11. Phone Dave at Bultaco UK with the frame number and he should be able to give you the exact import details and may have the bits you want...... https://www.inmotiontrials.com/
  12. DVLA will only accept clubs listed here. Yam Air cooled & VJMC https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/905403/v765X1-application-to-register-a-vehicle-under-its-original-registration-number.pdf Or VMCC will do it but not cheap..........https://www.vmcc.net/Library-and-DVLA-Forms
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