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  1. gasserguy

    Gearing - who's running what?

    10T front and low comp head. BiN the 9T.... Made mine miles better. https://www.saundersextremesports.com/sxs-shop/trrs-low-compression-head-insert/
  2. gasserguy

    Sherco low compression head

    So much smoother......
  3. gasserguy

    2 bikes in a L2 Transit with bulk head??

    I can get 2 trail bikes in a L2 Transit Connect and 2 trials bikes is easy.....
  4. gasserguy

    Details on ACU entries

    Be good when all entries are online so our data is safer... I hate to think what happens to some old paper entry forms !
  5. gasserguy

    Hi from the Cotswolds

    http://www.zona1.co.uk/practice-venue/ for practice venue, BVM for parts......... https://bvm-moto.co.uk/index.php?route=common/home
  6. gasserguy

    Bike trials to Moto trials

    Get a 250, Practice a bit at Zona 1 venue, ride as many trials as possible, Many good events every Sunday at various venues around the area which have many differing types of land......... ............
  7. gasserguy

    pre 65 in sussex?

    http://www.setrials.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR3QSCOWQNfa2SstjRTT6Jaq-oLeJVrYFXA0DoOi53YslgoRlZBzbJXFfx8 http://www.thamesvalleytrials.co.uk/ https://stargrouptrials.co.uk/ http://brdmcc.org/Homepage.htm
  8. gasserguy

    Rear sometimes deflates

    Don't bother with IRC's Being going down for years as soon as you hit a step......... Use X-lights. 100 's of posts on here and other places about it......
  9. gasserguy

    Trials clubs in and around Somerset/Dorset

    Makes no odds, Just join any ACU club for your licence and ride anywhere as most events on open permit, Join West country trials riders for all event listings down your way...................
  10. gasserguy

    Numberplate options

    Number plate brackets on link from BVM. Just bin the yellow plastic and buy a flexi plate from flexiplates with your reg number, Job done. All bikes in the SSDT need to have this type of plate or you don't start. Simples. https://bvm-moto.co.uk/Trials Parts Clothing and Accessories /Number Boards https://flexiplates.co.uk/
  11. gasserguy

    Gasgas txt 250 voltage regulator

  12. gasserguy

    Hired a van

    Only have a van.......
  13. MSM do road both types of insurance........ Non registered or road registered and know what a trials bike is........... http://www.msminsurance.co.uk/personal-insurance/motor/motorcycle-trials-enduro
  14. gasserguy

    Securing a trials bike

    Chain and ground anchor is what the insurance company wants so do that and if it's knicked you claim your money and get another.. Chains will stop the chancers. Won't stop someone who comes prepared.
  15. gasserguy

    Securing a trials bike

    Yeap...... In & out above the chain and fixed to a good ground anchor. You won't get it in one side & out the other though unless a small chain.