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  1. put eclectic drill in a vice sick valve in chuck use henry cloth or sharp screwdriver like you wood or metal machine wood shinny like new allways done it cars tractors
  2. yes frame weld not tidy so change all engine bolts and stress bolts this one had a small fire fuel spiling out of the carb so thats good not all bad then thank you for reply
  3. hi just got a chitsuma gy 200 bike been lade up in shed it had a small fire carb was pooring out fuel easy fix whats any problems' with them cheap chinise bike are any good
  4. hey thank you I sign up to facebook very good and give thank you to you I have a guy had tank for sale so got clean inside just needs painting
  5. 1978 dt 125 is the petrol tank the same size as dt 100 one looks same shape
  6. I just got old dt125 off flebay as far I know has no nova its been for sale on ebay on and off is it easy to apply hmc for
  7. tiger cub gearbox mainshaft how much side play should I need I have ordered a 4tho over size shim I know need a small amount side play . I cut my access plate out
  8. I had the with my honda xl I had hell of a job the spacer would not move to one side so I used my cheap blind bush puller it done the job if you not got them you could wield a lump then you get a long punch knock it from the other side that would been my next move if the bush puller did not work
  9. no don't need there is a small breather hole at the front inside for the engine the top bush leak a bit when the engine is not running just leak back in to the engine . but if your using it for trials going to streams this needs to be changed
  10. I have used chain lube spay primary chain make sure the inner clutch bearing has bit grease on that do on my bsa b40 c15 use rubber instant gasket with your paper gasket let it go off over night then put drop of ATF in see if leaks out
  11. hi can you send a pick of 3rd with groove cut into the dogs ring see I can get a new bush for the first gear kickstart there not a lot of youtube proper rebuilds on cubs and making doing the ness mods making them better
  12. my kickstart gear is sloppy anything to do why its jumping in 3rd I have good set of std gears good job pinch kickstart gear then try get new bush ring Greystone or Meriden who best
  13. its says 3rd wide mainshaft 25 layshaft 20 .1st and 2nd standard I have a set of trials gear in my hand yes right to the tr20 I wonder what is wrong with my cub none matching gears it slips and jumps like slipping chain I have not check that
  14. the 4th is 29 sleeve gear layshaft is16 .bob upb he supplies lower 2nd gears that used on standard 4th 28th sleeve gear if you look at upb web site I don't know primary size gear somebody else may reply I been looking in mike estall tiger cub bible my front gearbox spocket is 16 I don't know back its bit high gear if go 15 14 it be right not good on road I have no access plate how can cut it out in suite or best strip down done on a mill
  15. no access plate I have removed engine the engine is tired it was a barn find cub rusty I clean it up drain oil full sludge fitted world electronic ignition away she went and smoked done road trial but I have a recon engine doing had crank done oil pump conversion I have top hat bush for shaft od seem bigger inside needs reaming I can give outer cover to somebody can that
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