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  1. Hi Nigel, When we get out of lockdown could I come and tag along with you. Desperate to get out an ride.
  2. Surely there must be riding areas near the Chilterns.. If anyone knows of any please let me know..
  3. Barry just emailed me now and said all is off Surely there must be open parks or woods we can ride in... I am from South Africa and it is a different ball game there..
  4. Same here - Was really looking forward to it. Does anyone know of any places to ride around Henley. Also very happy to travel go ride.
  5. @rr62 ive booked in for the 15th - Hope to see you there...
  6. I am going to book in for the race on the 25th October.. I walked around there last night. Such a beautiful area. I live just round the corner. Will you be down this weekend at the Wycombe club. I am going Saturday if you keen.
  7. Thanks again, I appreciate that. Will you be heading down for the race. I have just joined as a member as well.
  8. Thank you for the reply. Please can you send me the link to enter. I think I might as well. I will be useless but it will be fun. So why not.. Looking forward to meeting you @grasserguy
  9. Morning Bud. Great stuff. I am looking for places to ride. I see that there is comp at the Great woods in Hambledon mid november. I might go and have a look to see if we can ride there. My mobile number is 07498496789 and email is richard.webb@tankbeer.com Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully get stuck into some riding..
  10. Good day, I have recently bought a TS 300 and I am looking to ride with anyone in the area. I have come across from the enduro side and wanting to get my skills up. My email address is richard.webb@tankbeer.com if you want to go riding.
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