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  1. Amazing. I need to take that advice across all my problems worked like a charm. thanks pal cheers T
  2. Hey everybody finally got a cable from Martin for my decompression valve on my Rotax 320 but my brain won’t figure out how to get that valve hooked up to that cable as the valve wants to be squeezed and the cable wants to pull I know it’s simple I just don’t get it is there anyone who could take a picture of theirs or explain? Many thanks in advance Tarik
  3. Hey man ya mine has the inner and outer plastic. you can see it in the first pic on this thread but I don’t however have the spacers you have top of the large spring. if I trim the small spring it’s only to make the two sides the same length. martin told me the one that’s original is the short one so someone put in a short spring on one side that is longer than the original. hope it works if not I’ll have to source some new parts or used forks
  4. thanks for taking the time everyone ! ok good to know how they are supposed to go. Ill just trim the top out spring on the one that is twice the length 🤦‍♂️ (dont know why anyone would do that buuut.....) and I should be on my way .... Hopefully ha ha
  5. Ok. Thanks. ive learned the short one is the correct one so I’ll just cut the longer one down a bit. are the plastic bits at the end secured inside the tube by the snap ring or outside the tube ? In this pic which way is correct ?
  6. My main issue seems to be the fact that the small springs (which control damping?) are different lengths. so when I put everything together and start to compress the big springs they are not at the same starting point. but maybe it’s not a huge deal? Don’t know.
  7. I’ll go measure but they came out of the swm stems
  8. Hello peeps, Wondering who's got some knowledge to share... took apart the forks to change seals and fill on my new to me and new to be running again SWM 320 first off one tube had the white end bit inside and the other had it outside (see pic) I assume they should both be inside after looking and seeing damage on the white plastic end bit (may still work) Not sure if it was assebled wrong or slipped past the snap ring somehow. next I noticed the springs are not the same length..... does anyone know how I should proceed? thanks lots Tarik
  9. Tarmop

    Crank case flush

    All good. I flushed it.
  10. Tarmop

    Crank case flush

    Hi Guys. I’m getting to the end here I repaired my clutch basket got my kicker back in thank you for all the advice and help ! I notice a bunch of metal shavings from the end of that bolt that I used to lock the Crank and I want to flush the crank case cab or should I just pour in some diesel or parts cleaner , lift up the backend and it’ll flow out of that bolt hole on the front of the case , is that OK ? I’d rather not split the cases but I don’t want any metal getting in those bearings I assume there’s no liquid in the crankcase Other than fuel and two-stroke oil that comes in through the carburetter the only fluids I’m putting in the bike are in the gear case as far as I know. let me know if you have any thoughts on my questions if not I’ll proceed with the flush as best I can thanks as always Tarik
  11. Tarmop

    clutch basket washer!

    hey guys Thanks for the help with the ignition, and the kickstarter.... worked perfectly, then the kickstarter siezed and when i tried to get to it i broke the clutch basket... ? anyways, i am wondering if anyone has their clutch basket off and if you can confirm where this washer goes lol and obviously i lost my spring when I took off the kickstart lever so if anyone has the right spring size avail i will be needing to get one. and a couple of ball bearings too. I work in a dirt floor shop so when small stuff goes flying its game over lol....
  12. Tarmop

    Kickstart stuck

    Just an FYI it is right hand thread...... found out the hard way ... seems to be my style tho .lol
  13. Tarmop

    Kickstart stuck

    also I found another flywheel in a parts bin, but the gear on the back is cut straight and the one on the bike is cut helical..... so incompatible I assume unless i can change the gear on the back of the basket...
  14. Tarmop

    Kickstart stuck

    whats the best way to hold the crankshaft still so I can remove it the clutch side flywheel weight ? If its the correct thread direction I can hold the flywheel side of the engine with a socket on the flywheel bolt, but if its the reverse thread then the flywheel bolt will loosen while I loosen the clutch side flywheel weight. Or something like that....
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