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  1. jaymie

    Fantic 241

    great thanks a lot.
  2. jaymie

    Fantic 241

    high , i have a fantic 241 .i am trying to tidy it up a bit because it's a bit old and tired.i am new to repairing bikes so excuse my ignorance please.the previous owner tells me it needs an oil change and some fork seals and then should be good to go.how much oil and what type should i put in the engine.also what fuel/oil ratio should i use for petrol.lastly(for now at least) where can i get some fork seals and are they easy enough to fit myself or should i get some help.thanks n advance for your help.j.
  3. jaymie

    what model fantic

    will post a picture tomorrow . thanks for help
  4. jaymie

    what model fantic

    its been painted over but it red and white underneath yes
  5. i have just bought a fantic trial bike and would like to know what model it is can anyone help. the engine number is fantic 450 212 cc 011656* frame says 450 also on the engine is a circle stamp with 87 i've looked on other info sites and it might be an fm450 which makes it a trial 240. can anyone help to confirm this. thanks in advance if you can help. jaymie just looked some more and it looks like the 240 was twin shock, i have a monoshock so now i am stumped as to what i have it also has drum brakes back and front [/img] sorry but i dont know how to get the image to show up in post! but the link is there. also note the bike has been resprayed and the rear mudguard has been cut back
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