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  1. Ive got a 2017 Sherco ST Factory and the fan didn't seem to be coming on thought it was the thermostat so took bridged it out so it should come on all the time when the bike is running. I started the bike but still no fan initially unless i touch the fan blades then it comes on. when i turn the bike off and start it again no fan again unless i touch the fan blades then bingo it runs again. I have given it a good blast with compressed air and a squirt of WD40 but still sticking on start up Anyone got an idea whats wrong ??? Fan sounds ok when it is running
  2. Just done an oil change on the nephews 2015 Beta Evo 125 it's been 5 months since it was last done by myself (long over due) i put 500ml in then but when drained the old oil out there was only 100+ ml in there so where has it gone?? there has been no signs of it leaking anywhere. His bike does smoke a bit from the exhaust unlike the other betas we have of same age and i have cleaned out and repacked the exhaust which helped. Is there anyway there could be an internal leak and the oil is getting into the cylinder and burning off ????( I'm Doubtful but thought I'd ask the question ) Cheers
  3. Different part numbers HAS ANYONE GOT ONE FOR SALE
  4. austin6728

    Exhaust silencer

    Does anyone know if a 2012 beta evo 250 exhaust silencer will fit a 2015 Beta Evo 125 ???
  5. austin6728

    piston rings

    Ive repacked the silencer end and it's slightly better but i'm guessing there is packing in the mid section which isn't so easy to do as it needs cut open re packed and re welded. Also tonight i looked at the cab settings online and noted that the air screw setting is 1 +1/2 out from closed I'm sure when i cleaned it out the other week there for the nephew it was 3 turns out ! Guessing he's been possible fiddling around with it although he would deny it ?? will check tomorrow hopefully it's that simple don't want to get into packing the mid box if i can help it
  6. austin6728

    piston rings

    the nephews both have Beta Evo 125's 2015 models one of them seems to be lacking in power compared to the other one and also sounding a little tinny i'm thinking new piston rings and top end bearing would help any advice would be much appreciated
  7. yeh fussy ? mistake need to be more careful with the online shopping at 2am ??
  8. remove the exhaust remove packing hang it and burn it out with a heat gun. i had the same problem with my nephews beta, I called beta UK for advise and was told to use a good quality semi synthetic 2 stroke oil NOT fully synthetic as trials bikes tend not to run at high revs enough to burn off the oil. (72ml oil to 5lt fuel) Seems to have worked for me think there is a post somewhere on here with the same advice also youtube has some videos
  9. Just checked my order on Ebay I BOUGHT THE WRONG IDLE SCREW ? returned today
  10. Just compared the idle screws and and they have different thread lengths the aftermarket DAB on being shorter therefore with the spring on it wont screw far enough in to the carb so the option is to shorten the spring or go back to the original screw Thanks for the input
  11. just replaced the plastic idle carb screw with a DAB aftermarket one and i cant get the bike to idle. Ive had it screwed all the way in but makes no difference anyone had the same problem and have a solution?? not tried messing with the air screw yet as its a bugger to get to
  12. i bought a Beta long range tank and seat for about £380 for BETA UK. love it comfy seat and an extra 4lt of fuel. I never bothered taping in the fuel line i just carry a small plastic bottle and drain of the seat tank and top up the main tank this makes it quicker to remove the seat tank for competition trials
  13. Thanks Guy for the info i've managed to source ASPEN over here so going to give is a try seems like a good product to use in all my 2 stroke engines when storing for any length of time Cheers, Austin
  14. Anyone use a fuel additive to prolong the shelf life and is it ok to then use in a modern trials bike ?
  15. Just bought a long range tank/seat for my 2018 Beta Evo wasn't to sure about it at first took a little bit of fiddling to get it to sit right and the instructions were in Italian which never helped. It makes th bike look a bit odd and I've only used it the once so far but was pretty happy as I hardly noticed it was there when riding in the usual stand up trials position and was happy with the option to sit on my backside when riding along trails so far so good looking forward to exploring further afield with the extra fuel range ?
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