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  1. Hi does anyone know what the number for the main bearings in a Beta evo 125, also the seal number and sizes, its so I can go to my local bearing company, thanks in advance Mick
  2. Hi, I am changing the kickstart spring on a beta 80, I have drained the oil and the coolant, can I take the cover straight off without taking the water pump cover off, any information on this appreciated, thanks
  3. hi does anyone know the settings for a beta 80 2006 delorto carb, thanks
  4. Hi Does anyone know the make/type and sizes of the main bearings for my Beta 80 rev it's a 2006, I know I can get them from beta uk but looking to buy direct from a bearing company also the crank seals sizes thanks in advance
  5. hi, we have a problem with our beta evo 125 2013, it got stuck in gear and won't release at all, has anyone else had any problems,or know how to fix it, assuming its a big strip down? thanks Mick
  6. I have a beta evo and having problems with the front brake, I have noticed that 2 of the pistons are not coming back out of the caliper, so deciding to rebuild it, does anyone know how to do this cheers
  7. hi, what is the best way to clean the centre pipe, as mine is well gunked up inside, thanks in advance Mick
  8. when I was changing the seals on the waterpump, the impeller was broken in pieces, but the shaft looks ok but was further inside the engine because the impeller and circlip wasn't holding it out, would this be normal, or might it have done some damage I can move the shaft in and out slightly (not taken it out) and does turn round freely hope you can understand what I mean , what do you think cheers
  9. hi the fan stopped working today on our beta evo 125, i don't have a voltage tester so could i test it with a car battery, to see if the fan is working and that it isn't the thermostat, would that be the correct voltage ?? thanks
  10. Thanks for your replies, all very helpful, now have them out and also repaired this morning
  11. hi i have been trying to take the forkseals out of the stanshions, the top seal came out quite easy but i am having problems getting the bottom seal out on both of the stanshions, and have broken pieces out of the tops of both stanchions, has anyone got any ideas how to get these out without further damage, and also do you know any good repairers please thanks
  12. just want to say a big thank you to all the organisers and observers and marshalls, for a fantastic trial, shame Kieran is too old next year, and didn't quite complete it but did better than he did last year.
  13. hi thanks for your reply, it is helpful, if I head into ilkley itself, (coming from Leicester, down south) is ilkley bridge easy to find, according to the entrance form, it should be signed from there, but will write down your directions, many thanks and well done on your achievement, Mick
  14. hi, we are taking part in this on saturday, well my son is, does anyone know of a post code or pub? near to the start of the venue, having never done this before not entirely sure where to start, also not been to ilkley or that area before, cheers
  15. hi thanks again, thats great
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