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  1. There’s no need to drain anything, just lay the bike on it’s side remove the clutch casing with the water pump attached. If you’re careful you should be ok with the gasket, just ensure you align the water pump shaft fork up when putting the casing back on. Check your coolant and oil levels when complete.
  2. Hi, the Beta Nelly is referring to is a Rev 50 which has 4 gears and a proper clutch. However it might be a bit big for your child.
  3. Hi, I run my son's Rev 50 on Putoline MX5 at 50ml to 5 litres of super unleaded. These bikes have a tendency to run rich, fouling the plug and leaking oil from the exhaust silencer. I've found if you run it at this ratio and replace the exhaust silencer packing at regular intervals you should have no problems. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi, I've used a Dave Cooper rack to carry old heavy twin shocks including a TY175 and a Fantic 200 and have had no problems.
  5. mudslugger

    Rev/evo 80

    Hi, we run ours on 60cc of oil to 5 litres of super unleaded and it still runs a little rich.
  6. Hi, I'd test the stator. West Country Windings will test it and re-wind if req'd. http://www.westcountrywindings.co.uk/ Best of luck, these bikes are notorious for not starting.
  7. All the ACU clubs in the Cheshire and North Wales area are listed in the following link. http://www.cnwtrials.org.uk/
  8. I'd try the stator as well, mine wouldn't start when it was warm, sent it to Westcountry Windings now it's spot on.
  9. I had the same problem with my 300, the crank seals where changed and this stopped the oil leaking from the breather. I'd check the oil level first as stated in the previous post. Good luck.
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