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  1. https://www.facebook.com/HantsPolice/photos/a.197060101340.170166.22018596340/10154617162696341/?type=3
  2. https://www.tripeek.com/
  3. I was in Ian's shop last week. He was putting the swing arm back in a Beta! Clever guy
  4. So I found a few problems with the rear brake. The pads were almost worn out causing the piston to come out too far and stick. The needle roller bearing in the pedal was gunked up and almost seized causing a sticky pedal and the hose from the reservoir to the master cylinder had worn through on the engine. All cleaned, greased , repaired and new pads fitted. System bled and now I have a back brake I hope. (Not ridden yet)
  5. Thanks both I'll take the master cylinder off and check it. I was aware of the possibility of fire or warping the disc so I rode slowly back to the pit.
  6. After 3 laps today I found it difficult to move slowly or pull away. I couldn't turn the back wheel by hand and there was no resistance at the pedal. Riding back to the car the disc heated up and is now "blue". After getting home and the bike cooling down it's now freed up. As there was no resistance at the pedal could it be the master cylinder that stuck? Now it's freed up there is resistance. Thanks in advance Carl Sherco 290 2010
  7. I got a Sherco 290 at 41!! Best decision I made. I love it
  8. Update: bottom end of engine rebuilt with all new bearings and seals. Cases have been blasted and look good. Timing gears back in. Ready now for the piston and barrel etc
  9. My 2010 runs putoline light gear oil and 80:1 mixture. That's 12.5 ml of oil per litre of fuel. I've never had a problem with either
  10. I think Steve's is older but yes they are the same. I will ride it when it's not muddy.
  11. Some more pictures of tonight's work. Front wheel the right way round! New mudguard drilled and mounted and handlebars fitted. Looking better after every session.
  12. Do you think I'm going to let her any where near it Matt?? Nah!!
  13. Hi Guys, it was an innocent mistake, simply because the brake lever is that side we assumed (wrongly) that the drum went that side. It will be changed round as I would like it "right" . Thanks for spotting it. As you can see on the original picture it was correct before we got at it. Carl
  14. This is before the tear down.
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