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    290 carb

    Good morning. Excuse my first post, but I am new here! I picked up my first bike last week, (2003 290) it needed abit of love & attention. It would only run with the choke fully on. I've stripped the carb down and cleaned it out, replaced the main & pilot jet. Also Drained out all the fuel from the tank to repair the common weep on the petcock. So refitted the carb yesterday, fresh fuel mix, and it kicked over 2nd time. I went to take it for a spin then yesterday afternoon & couldn't get it to start for love no money. & it also sounds like an air leak on the head /barrel. I think I'll be out of my depth trying to sort that out ? or can, anyone suggest any thing else I can look at? Also I think it may need a new kick-start mechanism because it does slip now & again. Is it an easy job or one left to someone who knows what, their doing?
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