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  1. Thanks. Shercrazy - that last post was helpful I think I will sign up for sportsman. Are you riding the first event in MD?
  2. I posted this question im my local forum (AMA d-6) which gets very little traffic. I thought I would reach out to you guys for some advice...I plan to ride the PA and TN nationals this year and I'm not sure which class to sign up for. This will be my second year in trials and I ride the intermediate line at d-6 events. How do the NATC sportsman and support sections compare to the d-6 intermediate line? I
  3. jds2835

    2004 Rev3

    Hello I'm getting ready to purchase my first trials bike. I found a local 2004 beta rev3 270 in great condition, the owner was injured and the bike was only ridden one season. I'm located in Lancaster Pennsylvania he wants $3500 for the bike. Is this a fair price? I've seen some priced lower but it is in great condition. I'm going to compete in the AMA D6 trials series for points. Is a 2004 rev3 a good bike to start? Or would it benefit me to spend a little more look for a newer bike 2007+? I know in trials the rider is the most important part but I do want a modern machine. Thanks for the help.
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