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  1. I've seen video of these before, and that article was from 2005 ? So... where are they ???
  2. Cody on the Sherco four stroke showed everyone how it's done today with a 2 point win over Patrick, with Will rounding out the final podium spot. Congratulations to Cody and Ryan on a well deserved win. Pics coming a little later. Vince
  3. v-mar

    Usa Round 2

    V-Mar says: Check it out !
  4. It was a nice day today in Colorado. The sections were dusty slippery and technical. When the dust settled (literally) it was Patrick Smage with the win, Will Ibsen in second and Chris Florin rounding out the podium. Here are some photos of the top three. I'll have lots of photos on my site after the weekend. Including the Expert and support classes. Enjoy, Vince
  5. v-mar


    My best photo from the USGP: Enjoy, Vince "V-Mar"
  6. v-mar

    Las Vegas Enduro-x

    I have a photo of Taddy mid flip turn, you can see in his body position that he is whipping the back end around over the log. Let me see if I can put it here on the forum, otherwise you gotta scan through the Sat pix to find it. I think I got it. Here's the picture. Vince
  7. v-mar

    Las Vegas Enduro-x

    True there was one trials bike in the final. But Taddy, Knight and Geoff all obviously have trails background and you could see it in their riding. Taddy was hucking that KTM around like it was a trials bike, it was amazing to see him ride the big bike. He has a bright future ahead of him. He was doing some trick riding around in the pits that would be impressive on the trials bike and he was doing it on the KaToom. Showoff ! Vince
  8. v-mar

    Las Vegas Enduro-x

    Saturday Photos are up !! http://www.vmar.com/EN-X_2007_LV-02.html As always you can navigate to any of the photos using the menu on the left of the page under the Event Photos link. Vince
  9. v-mar

    Las Vegas Enduro-x

    Fri night photos are up: http://vmar.com/EN-X_2007_LV.html More after tonights big show. enjoy, Vince
  10. GO GO Trials riders. In tonights main event which came after a long day of qualifying, whittling down 200 riders to the final 10 we had 2 of our trials guys on the final podium !! Colton Haaker won tonights race, with Cody Webb finishing third. Keith, Nick, and Phil did not have to race today as they all qualified for tomorrows race at the previous rounds in the series. Dustin Hedwall missed the main event by one spot finished 2nd in the LCQ. I'll try and get some photos posted tonight, or tomorrow (hey, we're in Vegas, you don't think I'm going to sit in the hotel room all night weeding out photos) More updates tomorrow !! I think Cody's secret weapon was the key to his success. We machined up a few special V-Mar 38 tooth sprockets to give the trials guys a bit more top end. Nick Mantzoros has one too. We'll see how he does in Saturdays races. We will probably add these to the product line for the guys who want to trail ride, or maybe for the SSDT !!! Vince www.vmar.com
  11. The NM pictures are up: http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_09_Pro.html http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_09_EX.html http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_10_Pro.html http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_10_EX.html Enjoy ! It's been a blast. See you all again next year ! Vince
  12. I finally got the rest of the Expert and Support class photos from Donner up on the V-Mar site.. http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_07_EX.html and http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_08_EX.html The pro class pix are at http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_07_Pro.html and http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_08_Pro.html There's even a picture of sirhc on Sunday. (#82 I think) I'm working on the New Mexico photos right now and will have them posted shortly. Vince
  13. Yes, it was a real nail biter. Smage actually went to pieces on the 3rd loop 5-ing several sections. He just couldn't seem to get his confidence, but his amazing 2 point 2nd loop put him so far in front that even his 20 point 3rd loop kept him in the lead. This is turning out to be a great season, probably going to go all the way down to the wire. The scores don't quite show it yet, but both Keith and Bruce finally seem to be getting comfortable on their new rides. On Saturday Bruce was tied with Cody after 2 loops with 16 points, and Keith had an amazing 5 point 3rd loop on Saturday as well. Will Ibsen had some really impresive rides, I'd expect some podium finishes from Will in the future. He was the only one to clean the gnarly section 6 on Sunday. Yep, Chris timed out not 20 feet from the exit gate on section 12. Patrick ALMOST timed out, he bonzaied down the hill toward the gate, crashing just as he crossed gate and headed up the muddy river bank. It was a spectacular finish to say the least. I've got the first of my photos up from the Sat event, I should have the Sunday pix up in a few more days. http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_05_Pro.html http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_05_EX.html
  14. Congratulations to V-Mar team riders Chris Florin and Colton Haaker for their wins today in Ohio. The slippery conditions made for some exciting riding. Section 7 was the killer for the Pro riders with only Chris and Keith (both V-Mar riders) making it over the big gnarly undercut step. This was the defining section with the top three Pro riders finishing with only a 1 point between them. Cody and Patrick were tied for second, one point behind Chris, with Patrick getting the win on cleans. Bruce LeRiche had a good showing today after putting on a new set of V-Mar snail cams. He was tied with Cody for the lead after two loops. But dropped to 4th on the final loop. With competition this tight one bad section can knock you off the podium. Keith Wineland has a brilliant 3rd loop dropping only 5 points, and all of those came on the treacherous section 7. In the 125 Expert class Colton Haaker had a great ride finishing 14 points ahead of 2nd place finisher Ron Commo III. I didn't see how to add the photos to this post, so I will just put up a few links to them. When I get through sorting all the photos from the weekend I'll put them all up on my site, for now here's a little tease: http://www.vmar.com/images/riders/NATC_2007_05_Pro/chris.jpg http://www.vmar.com/images/riders/NATC_200..._Pro/colton.jpg http://www.vmar.com/images/riders/NATC_2007_05_Pro/bruce.jpg And a couple pix of our new replacement GasGas snail cams, designed to fit the 2007 rear axle: http://www.vmar.com/images/riders/NATC_200...ro/gg-snail.jpg Vince
  15. Hey US Trials fans, I finally sorted through my photos from the CO Nationals and put them up on my site. Here are links to the various photo pages. If the direct links don't work, you can get to them from the menu on the left side of the page from any page on the site, ( http://www.vmar.com ) under the Photographs section, just click on event photos then choose which event you want to see. On to the links: http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_01_Pro.htm The Pros from Sat http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_01_EX.html The Experts and support class from Sat http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_02_Pro.html The Pros from Sunday http://www.vmar.com/NATC_2007_02_EX.html The Experts and support class from Sun Vince
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