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  1. brian r

    Tl250 Don't Idle

    Looking good. Lets hope we make it out a little more this year.....
  2. brian r

    Tl250 Don't Idle

    Hey Murray, How's it going. Is that the TMI frame?
  3. Dear Sherco, Please get off your wallet. Thanks, USA
  4. Like Moto Vintage said, I seem to remember a major back issue.
  5. Everything went fine. Recognized the drive. Installed the OS. Working great. Thanks gents ( and Cope)
  6. brian r

    Tl250 Don't Idle

    Spring is here and I got the 250 to start and run fine. It was a pin hole in the float, replaced the float and problem solved.
  7. I've got one on the way. Crossing my fingers.
  8. Where do we add pictures now?
  9. I don't think I mentioned that the old drive IS a SATA drive, it just has the extra 4 pin power going to it along with the SATA cable.
  10. I've got my 8 year old work computer and it has a SATA drive. It needs a new one so I ordered one from Tiger Direct. The old HHD has a 4 pin power connector just like the CD/ DVD drives and floppys have. The new one doesn't. I installed the new one any how, and the computer doesn't recognize it. Any one seen this problem?
  11. I'm wondering if the CRF 230 crank and piston would work in the TLR200 motor. It would give you 223CC but a lot of work to do. Ditch pump piston wouldn't work in conjunction with a stroker because of ring placement.
  12. You may want to flush out the motor with a thinner oil than normally recommended to see if there's some "gunk" built up around the kick starter mechanism. Maybe some 5-30 or so.
  13. Does it act the same if the motor is warmed up?
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