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  1. I heard they both cleaned the event but I doubt marc can rail for 4 hours or less Im hoping pat is on top Have not heard absolute conclusive placings
  2. Cool post Biff ster I have a feeling few riders are as fit as Pat totally hope some bigger challenges lean the advantage his way . You didn't share who may have the advantage ,maybe you didn't know , but the words were encouraging,to some degree thanks
  3. Did someone write that for you it was very well worded? The british riders-mostly Wigg and Lampkins would always chat with us and yes in Sherco pits not knowing any Spanish was a big problem. It was better for short time Browns minder could help us .
  4. I remember his first year there were around 7 riders and he got 7th by just 1 mistake or poor call all year and then I think he won the last 2 events out east. The most surprising part of pats success is being from Wisconsin ,no vertical terrain ,few real high end riders to compete with and a shorter riding season. To be on track for a big WTC career it would be nice to see an American match Pats early accomplishments . His first 2 rounds in Guatemala saw him with no minder (my shoulder was repaired ) and 2 days on podium , then the next weekend in Italy he took 1st , then almost every ride was a podium through 125 s and blue line rides, he even cleaned Poland on 125 and 2 days clean back to back -blue line Portugal. Unfortunate he never really did a full season, partly he had been struggling with a pars defect(hairline crack in lower back vertebrae, and also we were mostly doing it out of self funding . There was also a large discomfort felt ,never felt welcome, from being treated as invisible in sign up ques ,to not really getting much support ,as teams are quite engrossed in their own gig,and why would they want to be beat by someone so foreign. Not sure what has or may have changed ,but hopefully some of those issues are not as big of deal for kids trying now. We will see.
  5. And Pat quietly cleans 69 out of 72 sections as a ho hum . Id like to see time on course included in results as well , I understand he motoed the course ,He wont lose too many events on time penalty points.
  6. When you find time go on you tube and search psf monthly or psf films. you will find many of Pats videos are in our woods in S WI where only a 20 foot slope has served him well with all the things I hauled in with 4 wd backhoe. Using the sleeper 12 inch ties I built a tower about 8 ft tall and built different ways up - 2 decks and 2 steep climbs , we also have many cement tubes and blocks . This area has actually hosted local events with around 6 sections mostly having boundary for one be also used on next section. The best video for viewing is probably his sherco v.s. monty it is 7:49 long and at 3:20 it is then all in woods where main home built course is.,Have fun , cheers
  7. You could be on to something there. I know dual sport rides in Wisconsin generally max out their allowed sign up numbers often well over 100 riders and many to all of the riders have off road competition history ,so yeah in some of the hero sections have scoring done most likely in peer groups and have some separate awards. Maybe just a few age group categories at first. I will contact people I know to see what they think.
  8. I wanted to log in as a guest to post this but don't know how. Of course some did but I guess since they were so low on the scoreboard there hasnt been any mention of it on The 1st headline stories on TC or Cycle News ,maybe there is some follow up on its way. great weekend in Tennessee and not a complete disaster with new scoring ,even a positive point or two ,I thought.
  9. After further review it seems IF you are on just 1 wheel then SOMETIMES you can pause for .5 to .9 seconds . Instead of a five just mark the card with a golden ? when it is so close to call . Then at the end of the day use the # of ? marks to break any ties.
  10. Well in a modern liberal America it is becoming legal to smoke weed in a new state each month and call unions between partners with identical plumbing a legal Marriage it seems like TOLERENCE is king to reason so cut him some slack.
  11. OK I watched the vid of all those fine riders riding green line rocks and see a lot of nice riding. I also noted the red x shows up even for 1/2 second to 1 second pauses MOST of the time . at 5:46 Caby clearly moves rearward a touch on back wheel and it is OK but when Dabill does it at 6:30 it is called a failure. I think Oliveras moved a MM forward on his side hop so why is that not OK ??? It is not clear at all how to score a true pause to a conceived pause. Good luck getting it consistent scorers. At least they dont have to run a stopwatch .
  12. If the goal is to gather more "common man" participation the ban of tight one piece suits seems a logical start.
  13. RIGHT ON WHAT HE SAID thumbs up 2 you . Why should the riders not have input?
  14. I may have assumed wrongly that "participation" is limited to riding entries. WOTA runs from 16 to 36 riders ,just a few short years ago on the flattest terrain imaginable (site of baraboo hills classic after all the good stuff was put in a conservancy) we had like 56 max .UMTA is still rockin with 40 plus riders often, even with like 18 events per year ,not sure how they do it . The main point about this rule is why didnt the concern of the WTC riders come into the picture= as far as I know it is just being forced on them with little concern for what they prefer.Also if you want to have a look at pushing the envelope to whats possible with a modern light powerful trials bike go to rypusa.com and watch Pats freeride vid of Sherco v.s. Monty =the nosepick rollback is sweet and even more unbelievable is his floating whip to 180 on front wheel , up on a 10 foot tower. sick as H somewhere I saw his footage of a massive tree bonk to 180 off ,and a rear wheel tree tap 6 or 10 feet up , this stuff is so inspiring you can not ,not be amazed. Risk=huge Reward ??????? !
  15. Absolutely close to none that I know of. Many US dirt bikers try to ride slow with beneficial techniques and feel foolish when they cant figure it out. So they go back to just tearing up trails and making dust. Again with a TIME LIMIT for riding sections it doesnt matter what happens within the section,I know its harder to balance going backwards and have felt that skill shouldnt be a penalty unless footing while doing so.
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