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  1. Parts are ordered and I sure will try to get some pictures posted for ya Andy!
  2. 2012 290 Sherco's return spring for shifter seems broken. Does it require splitting engine case for repair? Could someone give a description for repair and parts needed? Thank You. Sam
  3. Just purchased a 2007 Scorpa 125 trials bike and what a blast to ride! Can some one tell me the status of these little thumpers. Are parts still available or even what parts may cross over from other brands. I understand the engine is a TTR 125, but curious about other stuff like wheels and plastics. Once again, so much fun to ride. sam
  4. Hello, I'm fixing up a 1984 TLR 250. First I need to know where to buy fork seals is the US? My clutch needs attention, before I pull the case cover, where do I purchase a clutch case gasket before I begin my inspection. I notice fork seals on E-bay for $12.00, just did'nt know if they cross over parts from other HONDA models. Many questions shall follow.
  5. sam

    Fork seals?

    Zippy says I'm putting them in upside down! Can someone please confirm if the round springy thingy that is integrated in the seal faces up or down? If I am putting them in upside down I will take back up drinking
  6. sam

    Fork seals?

    Copemech, I took real care when changing them the second time, the tubes appear to be smooth, I did hit some nicks with 400 emery cloth. I'm begging to second guess myself, the seal goes in with the beveled side down and the round spring facing up? The seals were purchased from RYP for a 2006 Sherco inwhich has the Paioli forks. Paioli forks are stock for 2006 models? My fork seal instulation process is, after cleaning/inspection apply grease to both edges of seal and then drive in with my PVC seal driver. I have changed numerous seals with no problem. My friend who ownes the bike is flustrated and so am I, just seems like the wrong size seal. The funny thing is both seals leak simultaneously.
  7. sam

    Fork seals?

    Have a 2006 Sherco that I have replaced the fork seals on twice, they both leak right away. One tube had some small dings that i smoothed out with emery cloth, still no luck, The fork legs them selves look in good shape. What should I do?
  8. I'm looking for tires for a Sherpa 125 trials bike, I have been told there are none on this planet available.
  9. Great to have you and Lawrence competing in the event, you guys looked like you were having fun. The MOTA's web site has results and video's on the front page, everyone check it out, very entertaining! http://motatrials.com/ sam
  10. sam

    Clutch help needed!

    Jon, Yesterday I traveled to mcnuts to assist with GasGas repair, And yes the ball bearing was missing. Then we had another problem getting the clutch cover on. We tried over and over, the spring seemed to get in the way. Then I realized that a aluminum bushing with a half hole on the kick starter shaft was out of alignment inwhich the case cover would not fully cloae and binding the kick starter. Just like my friend Biff said, always work on GasGas clutch with bike laying down! Thank for your help. sam
  11. 2000 GasGas 280. My friend had problems with the clutch slipping inwhich he disassembled cleaned and reassembled, seemed to work fine. Then turned around and had to replace kick starter gear. So, once again disassembled and reassembled the clutch while replacing gear. Now the clutch is pumped up hard when pulling in lever? He has repeated disassembly/reassembly multiple times. Has cracked the bleeder valve to relieve pressure, tried like crazy to bleed clutch, still pulls hard. Any help would be much appreciated. sam
  12. Update, My friend had enlightened me that prior to the bike running badly, he allowed an obnoxious dirttrack racer to ride his bike. The nincompoop immediately commenced to popping wheelies inwhich he looped out the machine. There after the bike began to run poorly. I suggested changing gear box oil, checking coolant and asked him to disassemble and clean the carb. Also, change his plug, he had not replaced the plug since purchasing the bike 4 years ago. Well, he says that the bike is back to running very good. I guess the moral of the story is do not allow happy, wheelie popping idiots to ride your bike. Thanks everyone for your input. sam
  13. My friend lives 5 hours away, so I'm trying to diagnose his mechanical dilema via telephono! His 2006 290 Sherco is smoking and the smell is unpleasant, I imagine needs engine seals. I will have him check oil level, he has already tried running it down the road 5 miles to burn off muffler residue, still stinky, not premix smelling. Other symptom is bike is overheating after 30 min. of operation, Fan is working. Please refresh my memory, is overheating a thermostat issue or could it be the water pump seal, he will also check for milky oil. Could overheating be related to bad engine seals. Replys will be appreciated. Thank You. sam
  14. sam

    Rear Dunlop With Tube!

    Rim band/valve stem all one piece. I had no tire doughnut, much needed when you keep taking tire on and off over and over again testing rim band for leaks. The best part is I have mastered using a 16" bicycle tube for my tire doughnut. I was thinking could you fill the 16" tube with some substance to create a tire doughnut similar to the professional ones?
  15. sam

    Rear Dunlop With Tube!

    I did not have luck with me damaged tire, KABANG! Bout knocked me down as my new tube exploded. I installed a new rim band, that is the worst mechanical procedure there is! I did it, but not intill hours later with no leaks. Tire on, tire off, Ey, Yey, Yey! But I did it, hurray. Now I'm sporting a new-used Michy. I will look further into Copemech's tips, but need some time off from tire maintnance. sam
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