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  1. Just eat lots of pie and ride a 4 RT...best excuse in the world
  2. kramit

    2016 Cota Rr

    How about a quote on future stock prices while your at it...
  3. Sounds like possibly an air leak. When it's reving high, spray some Carburetor Cleaner around the intake manifold area and see if problem momentarily improves.
  4. Looks great...surprised hadn't been thought of before
  5. India is where I think the new GG will emerge....Punjab Punjab
  6. But I bet now your both sorry you sold your Maicos.....I know I am.
  7. Maybe this is the type of reasoning/spending that sunk GG?
  8. Az National last weekend was an eye opener for me. I checked at our National here in CA a couple years ago and this was my first National since. Andrew P. has come out of nowhere in 2 years and all excuses aside, this young man has put in some hard work. At 16, he is clearly on his way to the top and in my opinion, he is just short of it here in the US anyway. I wish him and his family all the best in their quest for a position at the top.
  9. kramit

    Gas Gas Future?

    Checking the number of entries at Vintage Trials.....I think people are!
  10. kramit

    Gas Gas Future?

    How do you say "pathetic" in Spanish
  11. Your story started off a little slow and I almost stopped reading. But glad I finished (still laughing) as I am sure we can all relate in one way or another. Thanks for posting it.
  12. kramit

    Gas Gas Future?

    Reminds me of the Italjet 4 stroke back in the day......close, but no cigar
  13. kramit

    Gas Gas Future?

    Doesn't everyone have crap in their garage they wouldn't buy again?
  14. I doubt Bou's bike is a big advantage over the competitors ..if so...wouldn't Fuji be a very close 2nd consistently?
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