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  1. Not if Fuji is going to be replaced ;0)
  2. Sad day for the boys at BVM, they have had All their bikes and some kit taken, this world is full of scumbags keep an eye out for anything being sold cheap and let the guys know, or the police.
  3. As this is a safety critical component, anyone who has this failure should contact DVSA to report their concerns. If enough owners report failures, the DVSA may well make Honda issue a recall on this part, due to these bikes being used on the public highway. it would be of interest to us all, to hear why Honda believe they should not replace this component, have they said it has been tampered with, or not used for it intended use etc, etc ?!!
  4. Sometimes, but the uk is wet and muddy. It’s not a magic solution, it’s just a better cleaner way to look after the chain and sprockets imho. The point of using WD40 has already been said, it keeps the chain relatively clean and is easy to clean and reapply. Apply straight after washing and blow drying, preferably so it has several hours minimum before use.
  5. I use WD40 on my bikes, every ride, come home, wash bike, clean chain and spray with wd40, wipe chain and swing arm with clean cloth and it’s ready for the next time. No more wear than using normal lube and chain and surrounding area are always clean. And a large can of WD40 is cheaper than a can of most chain lubes.
  6. Would be most grateful for any advice on main jet sizes and needle position on the 24mm keihin carbs in the UK please. Mines got a #108 main jet and a #38 slowjet (it’s a jap import) and the needle is 272301, wth the clip on 3rd slot from top. The manual shows these main jet sizes from oem parts: #100 #102 #105 #108 #110 #112 #115 and slow jet: #35 #38 whats the best setup for sea level upto 900ft (which is the highest I ride). Any info would be very gratefully received, thanks.
  7. jj65

    Ice hell 2018?

    Is this bike going to be available in 2018? As it’s the best looking vertigo, the rest of the range are a Bit Ott in the colour department imho. Iknow someone that would quite like one of these ;0).
  8. jj65

    2018 ??

    The 4rt has another 3 years of production left before it's due replacing ;0) the 18 bikes are getting 2kg of lead added to the bash plate to lower the centre of gravity, 2 spark plugs (one can be removed for even less engine breaking, 2g lighter tubless air valves, special lightweight white decals and helium in the tyres to make the bike float over rocky stream beds. In 2019 Honda plan to fit the auto balance feature for all the decrepid ageing 4rt owners (no more 5's although the odd dab will be order of the day due to muscle memory). And in its final year Honda plan the debut the autonomous 4rt, with electric start, the old farts can sleep whilst negotiating each section and the built in gps/apple app automatically calculates the perfect score for a guaranteed win. I've already paid me deposit, 791 sleeps before collection and I can't wait :0)
  9. You can't I'm afraid, most RTL specific parts are no longer available. The only way you could get one is to have it made, or try and find something from another bike that will fit.
  10. jj65

    Montesa Replica 2017

    You don't say what your riding ability is, but if you finding it too fast in sections in first gear, then try a 9t on the front and a 43t on the rear. That slows it all down nicely, but still allows you to do most things in first gear (depending on your standard).
  11. Signed it, but surprisingly on 7000 odd signatures so far :0( i guess, when the sh*t hits the fan, that's when people might wake up, but it'll probably be too late. does anyone want to buy my bike, might aswell get shot of it before it's worth swfa ;0)
  12. I can't imagine anyone who volunteers to help, does it with the expectation of people saying thank you. The point, I'm guessing, is the fact that so many riders fail to acknowledge the existence, let alone show their appreciation towards the organisers and observers, in anyway. Some even feel the need to moan about the cost of entry, sections, observers, the site etc, etc. I say, Before you moan, try doing it yourself, you might then realise how much effort is put into putting a trial on for you.... I don't observe so someone can say "thankyou for observing" I observe to help out and in doing so, my small contribution along with many others, allows us all to enjoy the sport for as long as possible. But it's also nice when someone says thankyou, as it makes you feel like your appreciated. Next time you go to a trial, try just standing at one section for about 3-4 hours and remember, many of these great people, aren't spring chickens anymore and may feel the cold more than the rest of us. So next time your at a section, just say hi and thanks, (because I'm not going to judge you, I don't know wether you genuinely mean it or not, that's not the point), but I'm pretty sure we'll all appreciate your acknowledgment.
  13. Still advertising the 2015 300rr on their website, even the coming soon (2017) page doesn't mention the 17 models !!!http://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/range/coming-soon-2017.html
  14. jj65

    2017 300Rr

    Aren't those the discounted 2016 prices? Friend of mine wanted a 2017 RR and none of the dealers knew when they would be getting them. I'd guess they've got 2016 bikes to get rid of first.
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