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  1. I have just Finished The Jubilee Trial and just want to say this was the Best trial i have ever rode. The Day was so well organised and with the best Venue. The sections were Outstanding and with such verity Streams, Woods, Hills The views were Amazing with Waterfalls and huge Forest Hillsides 80 miles of pure pleasure to Ride. I have to take my Hat off to all of the organisers of this Event as it was outstanding. Many Thanks To all that made this Happen as i know a lot of Hard Work went in to make this Happen.
  2. Hi Any one do you know if i can get a new Inlet Carb to Air filter Rubber. Part number 17253-ND9-000 Hope you can help Buzz
  3. Hi jj65 & monty 16 many thanks for your help on this Matter. I will be hunting and surfing the web Thanks
  4. Hi can anyone tell me where i might be able to buy a Honda RTL 250 1986/87 Lighting Coil
  5. Hi Just wanted to know if anyone has had Difficulty Removing the Clutch Cover All the Mounting screws have been Removed (12) It seems to be springing back and i don't want to force it Thanks Dave.
  6. Many Thanks All A Great Help Dave.
  7. buzz white


    Buzz s RTL
  8. Hi can anyone help. I have have Front headlight & rear light Fitted to my RTL. Can i use the Existing Wiring from the Engine to power the Lights. If so what Colours are they. Any Help with this would be much Appreciated. Dave.
  9. buzz white

    One Hot Honda

    Would do That,but Correct me if i am wrong but the Gearing in the Gearbox are different on the TL 250
  10. buzz white

    Honda TL 250

    TL 250 Restoration Project
  11. buzz white

    One Hot Honda

    Thanks its a Good Start, Just a Standard XL 350 would be ok for me. Parts Required (I am Guessing) XL 350 Crankshaft. XL350 Barrel(Jug) & Piston, XL Cylinder Head ? My TL250 Crankcase Any Answers would Love to Know. Dave.
  12. Hi Can any tell me if it possible to fit a XL350 Crankshaft and Piston/Barrel to a TL250 Crankcase ???? Thanks Dave
  13. Hi everyone, The Site looks really Good and very Helpful. I Have recently bought a Honda TL250 and in the process of Restoring I have just got a Age related Number Plate Will Post Some pictures Dave.
  14. buzz white

    One Hot Honda

    Guessing this is Old But Here Goes anyway. I Have a Honda TL 250 and would like to know if i can fit a XL 350 Crankshaft and barrel/Piston to my Crank case Hello am new Here but looks great Buzz in the UK
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