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  1. thai-ty

    Ty 250 R mono cylinder bore

    I buy some stuff from Wemoto. They are an a-ok honest shop to deal with. However, those pistons they sell for 35 quid for a ty mono are useful as an ashtray - nothing else. You have been warned. There is a reason why a Wossner/Wiseco piston costs around a hundred quid, and more for a genuine Yamaha item. Think about it.
  2. thai-ty

    Clutch on my OSSA MAR gets stuck every winter

    Thanks. Might give it a go on both my ty mono's then as they are forever sticking when put away for a week or more. yeah, yeah i know - ride them more often.....
  3. thai-ty

    Clutch on my OSSA MAR gets stuck every winter

    Does'nt that put a set on the springs?
  4. thai-ty

    TY Mono bottom end

    All identical. Perhaps flywheel weights were different as the bike became more "modern"?
  5. thai-ty

    Boot Dryers

    Dryzabone in 'Strayan....
  6. thai-ty

    Lack of power after new top end

    Hahaha. Yeah i just had a look at that MotionPro special jam tool. It expressly states not for use with an impact gun....
  7. thai-ty

    Lack of power after new top end

    Er. I would not recommend doing that. 1.0 Er. I would not recommend that. 2.0 If you are going to do a job, do it properly and with the correct tools. Flywheel pullers and holding tools are not even expensive. Ferchrissakes.
  8. thai-ty

    Boyesen Reeds, Worthwhile?

    Current instructions for Boyesen reeds (2018) for ty Yamahas mention opening up the windows if you wish - normal Boyesen procedure (4 to 2 window?) and leaving the stop plates in situ.
  9. thai-ty

    triumph tiger cub

    Look at the weight savings man! I can see lettering on one hex bolt. Allen heads not tapered. And purely for visuals, replace all those ugly cross heads with button heads or c'sunk allens. Apart from that - lovely.
  10. thai-ty

    Craigslist Finds

  11. thai-ty

    triumph tiger cub

    Yeah, should be a simple job for a machinist. Turn crank down, sleeve, and finish turn or grind to original size.
  12. thai-ty

    My first Fantic!

    What's way too high? They stopped making that bike 35 years ago. You are not sourcing common spares for a Japanese road bike made in the last 5 years. You are looking for parts for a 35 y/o European niche bike. You are fortunate that this bike has specialist spares people still in business. Pay up, and support your local (or specialist) m/c business. Congrats on a nice bike by the way.
  13. thai-ty

    Baffleless TY

    You mean a higher gear. ie 2nd instead of 1st, or 3rd instead of 2nd.
  14. thai-ty

    Baffleless TY

    What gear are you in? If first, try 2nd or 3rd. Those are pitiful wheelies for a ty250. If i'm daft my mono will flip me on my a*** in 2nd or 3rd at a walking pace. Also check your gearing - something is amiss.
  15. thai-ty

    TY175 - Phase 2 tested!

    +1. I even like the pink! Paul does great work at Shedworks.