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  1. How to turn a once great nation into a 3rd world "****hole" (not my words) banana republic, competing with the likes of Zimbabwe. You reap what you sow, Well done TinPotDictatorDonny.
  2. Ok ok, apart from ... What have the Spaniards ever given us?
  3. Yeah, that top one. Famous news site worldwide. Really famous. With award winning journos.... You seriously waste your life reading this utter guff? This is the problem with the internet this last decade. People only believe the news sites that suit their agenda and opinions, be it left or right wing. Nobody watches neutral stuff any more.
  4. Those Spaniards don't like mud and they don't like cold.
  5. Ditto with the carb and i pump the tyres up to 25-30.
  6. No word or mention of Yamaha in the OP's post. If he had put the opening post in the Yamaha forum we all would have understood. Exactly.
  7. Did'nt Clymers do a manual? I have a Clymer Vintage Spanish off road manual, comprising the Big 3 - Bul, Mont, Ossa from the years mid 60-s to late 70's all models trials thru motocross, 125-350. May still be available, some pretty useful stuff in there.
  8. thai-ty


    Concur with ease of assembly/dis-assembly using a pair of roller bearings as opposed to 2 x ball bearings or 1 x ball and 1 x roller brg. Back in a previous life i built Brit parallel twins for a living in my own workshops. Norton came out with a fix on their Combat Commandos in the early 70's which were a pair of FAG bronze caged 3 piece rollers, set up and run with end float. No more bottom ends and crankcases exploding, and comfortably able to handle much more torque and bhp. We fitted these with machining of crank or cases wherever possible on various bikes, mainly Meriden Triumphs, and a big benefit was ........... ease of assembly/dis-assembly... Sorry, carry on Bultaco's - back on topic.....
  9. I have my current bikes - both 84 ty250 mono's - because where i live there are no Bultaco and Montesa twinshocks, nor Yamaha twin shock ty's nor anything remotely pre 65 Brit project bike ish. the nearest being Indian made 350 - 500 Bullets c/w front disc brakes and indicators...... So i'll stick with my beloved ty mono's.....
  10. I wear Boulders too. Try riding out here! I'm outta the house and togged up ready to go by 7 at the latest. Done by 9.00 am, 9.30 the very latest. Forget summer time which is Mar-May here as its already 30C by breakfast and 38-40C by lunchtime. I wear thick army socks, and thin camo cargo trousers tucked in, can't wear shorts - had too many burns, cuts and unneccessary scabs.
  11. Big difference believe me, especially with 90% humidity. I believe sweat wicking t shirt the wrong description, but i know what you mean, missing the "t" out.
  12. I would agree up until Amal introduced the Premier range of their Concentrics several years ago. More expensive, but........ superb build and component quality, a removeable pilot jet and a hard anodized slide. Really nice bits of kit.
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