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  1. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    What have the Romans ever done for us?
  2. How to build a trials bike with low overheads

    Yeah, Thanks for that, highly interesting. The place looks busier than i thought it would be, especially the FreeRide assembly line, considering only two niche small market products are made there.
  3. Drayton Bantam

    the horror.... the horror (visualizing and quoting Marlon Brando as Col. Kurt in Apocalypse Now).....
  4. Drayton Bantam

    Is that a steel Yamaha ty250 mono tank on there?
  5. What's in a name?

    Nadgery trickery slow stuff.
  6. Zundapp Trials.

    Yeah, that is neat, and i dunno why it has not been thought of before (inc me...).
  7. Which one would you buy?

    Hate electric motors. Love petrol engines.
  8. Trimuph tiger cub cam shaft and bushes

    Dunno without looking in a w/shop manual. Highly recommend you buy one. End float is no problem in a Triumph engine, but there should be no slop felt up or down at all.
  9. Smoking Cub help

    Can't see how they are better, no. Not tried them and not heard of them before.
  10. Show Us Your Ty

    Thanks, yeah they never had the 250 mono officially in the States, and we never got the 350 officially in Europe. By all accounts the 250 was a better motor, and sold a lot more numbers worldwide.
  11. Show Us Your Ty

  12. Show Us Your Ty

    Was in the UK back in April / May on holiday with the family. As well as buying a genuine Yamaha w/shop manual and a crank pullerer-inner w/shop tool, some smooth new Venhill clutch cables, i picked up some universal front mudguards, cut the flap off the rear, drilled some holes and reversed them. Look smarter, shorter and more modern than stock. Also picked up two of Paul Cowley's Shedworks sexy-as-hell tank shelters i had ordered, and two plastic tanks i won on Ebay. Lucky we had 3 suitcases..........
  13. triger cub swingarm clearence

    Feked Parts bought SM Products out. Anything formerly Sammy Miller made & sold is now sold by Feked.
  14. Smoking Cub help

    The countersunk holes are the seats for the balls. Once assembled with fresh oil, put your thumb over the pump holes and gently pull one plunger at a time (without the alloy slider block in!) - you should feel good suction & resistance. Happy playing.
  15. i gave my brother a go on my bultaco

    Bet you're not laughing now.........