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  1. Correction the above was for a mono, not a twinshock, if i was confusing anybody.
  2. I'll take the Vertigo Thanks.
  3. thai-ty

    TL250 Petcock

    I've made aluminium sandwich plates or blocks in the past, for fitting different fuel petcocks to different tank dimensions. If you get stuck, pretty easy to fabricate a 10mm spacer if you know someone with a mill.
  4. Bit of a zombie late update, apologies. Bought two from Paul April last year (2018) and they've been on the bikes for over a year. Took my old steel tanks and seat units back to the UK in suitcases on a family holiday and got more than i was hoping for on Ebay. No shortage of interest. New shelters are Yamaha yellow and a sorta Bultaco blue similar to my avatar and in my album. No faults, can't recommend them highly enough. Oh yeah, here's some pics.
  5. 1. Again no Cub expert, but ten thou seems a lot. 2. Having sold up my Triumph shop in 2003, i am not familiar with a plastic ball oil pump kit, but it just sounds so wrong. 3. If you are getting wet sumping with a Triumph type plunger oil pump, it can only be balls not seating on the seat. Normally dirt. However a light plastic ball again just does not seem right. 4. By the sounds of things, the whole thing needs to come apart and be blueprinted. Regards. Edit, on our race or high performance twins we always ditched the timed breather, and ran a proper large bore non timed breather pipe from either the timing cover, primary cover or c/case. We also ran top end breathers from both r/boxes. None of our engines had oiling problems or oil leaks. Again, these were all 650-750-830 twins.
  6. On the twins there are more than half a dozen different tubes, and at least 5 different seals i can think of. The non o ring square seals have 3 different thicknesses alone. On mix 'n'match heads and barrels and engines of unknown origins (ie how many times has the head been skimmed etc), the tech (mechanic) needs to measure what is known as "pushrod tube seal squish". This is assembly of the motor WITHOUT any p/rod tube seals and measuring the gap. Once this is established, then the correct width seals can be chosen and fitted. I would presume it is similar on a Cub. If a tube is stopping a head being bolted down, then there is already a problem. Alloy tubes are, indeed, a good idea and i run them on my twins. The chromed steel tube in the pic looks rather manky. Regards.
  7. It has been apart as those braying marks on the flywheel are not factory. I would say the crank has been apart in a previous life and a copper or dead blow was not the hammer of choice.
  8. Built my first trials bike in 2002-3 in the UK. Bought it as a tatty rusty runner in the normal Montesa red colour. A mate sold it in 04-05 after i had emigrated. A Montesa 247 Cota. Powdercoated silver frame with a posh blue paint job done by a pro painter friend of mine. Blue gaitors, lots of polished alloy, fresh plated parts like k/start etc, new stainless fasteners, new white plastic guards, new rear shocks. New Renthal bars and blue Renthal grips. Looked stunning. Just wondering if any inmate has ever seen it or even owns it. Cheers.
  9. Had this with my ty250 mono's. Turned out to be a dud HT coil. Fine when cold, 30 mins of running = dead plug. replaced the coil - bingo - never a problem since. oh and +1 on Champion plugs - they are inconsistently crap. NGK are far more reliable.
  10. thai-ty

    Show Us Your Ty

    Wow. Wonderful work! Kudos dude.
  11. thai-ty

    Show Us Your Ty

    Where did you get the alloy tank from? Beautiful work, almost a shame to put paint on it.
  12. Concur. In that 1st video @ 2.45 mins i saw a 1 and not a 5, but then i'm not that au fait with modern stuff. Still, great to see some mud and slippery stuff at a WC round hey?
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