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  1. Concur. Even advertising a Hagon shock for guys with smaller pockets....
  2. the cranks/flywheels are ridiculously heavy in Yamaha 250/350 motors.
  3. .... is the weight difference of the cranks.... ..fixed it for ya....
  4. Pic of your fabricated brake pedal please post plating.
  5. That? Is. A. Cadillac? An Eldo too? Geez, car design and elegance went down the pan in those days.
  6. It's either all or nothing with PROPER plating. So your "bit of a frame loop" would have to be detachable. Here's a pic of my '79 830cc T140 with the frame and s/arm bright nickel plated. Pics is from a couple of years ago, polishing and plating was done in 1994.
  7. Cargo pants. Lotsa pockets, nice loose comfy fitting. Preferably in a nice camo look - hides the dirt, saves washing every weekend. Thank me later.
  8. I had a metal finishing shop in the UK for 15 years - Precision Surface Preparation. Metal polishing, all disciplines, and wet and dry bead blasting. The plating itself was farmed out, as was the chemical stripping of old plating, prior to us doing all the prep work. Plating is only as good as the prep work. Labour intensive - it's where most of the money goes. In answer to your questions; # zinc and nickel/chrome plating are very very different processes. # i have no experience with home hobby kits. # I highly doubt you will be able to plate or replate a m/c frame with such a kit. # No, nickel goes on before chrome. Triple chrome plate is polish, copper, polish, nickel, polish, chrome. # Doubtfull, and if you did/could, it will look a mess, see above. Regards, TG.
  9. Concur, +1. Too much work, and cutting up a very nice looking classic in its own right.
  10. Bark busters No. Just no. Not on a trials bike. Have some common decency. Please.
  11. Correction the above was for a mono, not a twinshock, if i was confusing anybody.
  12. thai-ty

    TL250 Petcock

    I've made aluminium sandwich plates or blocks in the past, for fitting different fuel petcocks to different tank dimensions. If you get stuck, pretty easy to fabricate a 10mm spacer if you know someone with a mill.
  13. Bit of a zombie late update, apologies. Bought two from Paul April last year (2018) and they've been on the bikes for over a year. Took my old steel tanks and seat units back to the UK in suitcases on a family holiday and got more than i was hoping for on Ebay. No shortage of interest. New shelters are Yamaha yellow and a sorta Bultaco blue similar to my avatar and in my album. No faults, can't recommend them highly enough. Oh yeah, here's some pics.
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