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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I tried feeding my wife but it has not been working for the last 20 years 😊. I am afraid it would be cheaper to buy a second bike in a long run! I have never owned or bought any motorbike before. What do you pay for the new bike vs. advertised MSRP price? Is there any room for negotiation? Thanks
  2. Hi Everybody. I am thinking about getting a new bike. I am 50 and have no experience with motorcycles but I am a decent mountain biker. I also ussually excelled in other agility sports like snowboarding and kitesurfing. What would you recommend as a first trial bike? I am also wondering whether I could share the bike with my wife. She would only ride it off road without really getting too agressive. I have much more ambitious plans I weight around 162lbs and my wife is about 105lbs.
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