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  1. Ringo you kill me. Every year you seem to pull something off. Jen should never be bored being married to you. So when is the wedding? Vegas 2012 Endurocross? Maybe they will flip the bill. Just think you could ride Endurocross and then get married in the middle of the arena. You gotta put one up on Kip who rode a trial on his wedding day
  2. Johnny Ringo made it to Vegas in 1 piece. He rode all the way from his home and did a duel sport ride to Vegas. Johnny and his buddy made it over Brokback Mountain with no serious issues. Johnny then signed up for endurocross on the bike he rode there. In his qualifying heat he stopped in the middle of the track, took off his helmet got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend in the stands. His buddy then showed her the ring. Of course she said yes, who wouldn't marry Ringo?
  3. no jive


    That would be my brother Neil . Man is he old. The geritol is scored by the older you are and the older your bike the better your chance to win. He must have rode my Dads old bike to improve his chances.
  4. no jive

    Phil and Pat?

    What should they do next to WOW the crowd?, They should have some pretty good backing now to set up props. My first thought is a van or car or motorhome, U Haul Truck. People need to relate to something. When you say they rode up a van, people have a grasp of what they did. When you say they jumped from one stand to another it is hard to get. I was thinking a hot chick to bunny hop over or more hot girls is always good. A good chase scene. What ideas do you have.Lane could help them (seriously). Ringo could MC, Pat could give a speech?? Lets give them some ideas (like they need our help).
  5. FOX clothing has stepped up with the assistance from Steve Storz to outfit our Team USA in the Trial des Nations event at Tolmezzo, Italy. The team members will all be attired in the same style and color of gear giving a further professional team appearance. We are very thankful an industry leader such as FOX has recognized the Team USA Trials accomplishments. We also would like to give recognition to the many clubs around the country which have rallied to support the team in distributing our fund raiser shirt and in donations from various clubs across the country with a standout donation from the Central Texas Trials Riders of their National event in the amount of $2,000. Of course a very heartfelt appreciation to Sid and Dawna Maulden of Specialty Welding Machine (SWM) who have continued to be a major sponsor to our effort. To date the supporters have purchased 600 shirts. This would not be possible without the trials community support. Thanks to these clubs: New England Trials Riders, Florida Trials Riders, Rocky Mountain Trials Riders, Central Texas Trials Riders, New Mexico Trials Riders, Central Arizona Trials Riders, Trials Incorporated, Ryan Young Products, Southern California Trials Association, North Texas Trials Riders, Upper Midwest Trials Association as well as the countless individuals who have purchased shirts at events and mail-order thru the T&E (Trials and Enduro News) advertisement. We still have a few shirts left. We will still take donations (please) TDN-USA PO Box 913 Boulder Creek CA 95006
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm7wgMvOdGI I think this is the last video? If not oh well. There is a number to call at the end to vote for them. Get your votes in.
  7. We just received a bunch or orders today for T-shirts. Supply is getting low so please send your order in. Also some great news is that FOX Riding Gear sent the USA-TDN Team riding gear. All the riders will be wearing the exact same gear. Thank You very much to FOX
  8. Hey Jon that is my wifes car not Kips. She has yet to notice. I have yet to get some video of Cody riding in the parade. It is kind of worth smoking the tire but when your a cheap ass it hurts.
  9. Here it is again. Every year I do the 4th of July Parade in my town. It is really a big hit. This year everyone asked were you on Americas Got Talent? HMMMMM Im to old and fat to be on that show. But goes to show how many people watched the Smage Brothers and how they made an impact on trials. Cody came out and did an afternoon parade with me and put me to shame, even I was speechless. I will try to put some video up of that. The crowd was going nuts with his riding.
  10. Hey Scott the shirts got sent out Monday. Wont make the trial this weekend. We just sold our house and have to get ready to move. Thanks for everyones orders
  11. Looks like a good team. Get some of the young guys some experience. Some of these guys have really stepped it up.
  12. Hey Jon Im the good looking one on the, yeah no one is going to buy that. I received you check today for the shirts. Thanks for helping.
  13. Alright I am a Supporter again. We have had a few orders come in for shirts. Thank you to everyone who buys a shirt. It takes a lot to send a whole team to Italy, so everthing helps. Attached is a photo of me and Chipper from the California Highway Patrol. We did a demo at the motorcycle safety weekend. To bad it rained the whole day. Man that BETA looks nice.
  14. I am pretty sure Kip will be bringing some shirts out to the Nationals. So I signed up agains to be a TC supporter. Still does not show up. Left a message with Andy. It's not easy being a tight wad
  15. I see the problem Copey. I did re-sign up when I was sent an e-mail. Dont know what happend. I am a lot of things but not a tight wad. Have always tried to support TC
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