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  1. The EPure Race looks better than the Gas Gas. No need for 6 speeds on an electric bike.
  2. Yesterday I picked up what I think is a 2005 GG EC Boy which is the enduro version of the TXT. I was planning on making it an electric bike so I don't need the motor. The seller said it has spark and I will check today.
  3. I have a feeling that Torrot is going to take the TXT-E with them when they split with Gas Gas. https://magazine.cyclenews.com/i/1151987-cycle-news-2019-issue-31-august-6/42?m4=
  4. Pat Smage is about 6 ft. and Oliver Smith is a little taller?
  5. I have a 2007 txt 250 that I bought almost new. This year the clutch seemed slow and when I rode a different bike it was really apparent. There is a fine line between having the clutch pack too thick (stiff pull) or too thin (soft pull, slow clutch). I bought one of these and my clutch is snappy again. https://www.splatshop.co.uk/xiu-rdi-adjustable-spring-clutch-support-plate.html
  6. There's another hole next to the idler gear. A friend's idler gear needle bearing disintegrated for some reason and shrapnel went through the holes and damaged the gears. I was thinking on mine to JB Weld aluminum screens on the holes in case it happens to me. Maybe a screen barrier around the primary gear since it damaged that also and the part is not available.
  7. I picked up an 07 Sherco and it has what must be the cheapest, thinnest front brake disc guard on any bike. Literally crumbled in my hand like crushing a styrofoam cup. Granted 12 years old, but I remember new ones breaking easily.
  8. sectionone

    2019 4RT

    I ride my 4rt with a seat and moved the pegs forward to make it more comfortable while sitting. The 4ride has them moved forward but not as much as mine. Having the shifter closer would be nice.
  9. My Montesa 4rt is older than my GG but has more clutch bite. I'm making my GG to have the same bite but will need to have a harder finger pull I guess. Or it could be Showa is way better than Sachs!
  10. Here is a news article from a German site saying Torrot wants to go public and investors favor futuristic electric over old tech petrol so they want to rid themselves of Gas Gas. I bet they will keep the TXT-E and rebrand it Torrot. https://magazin.baboons.de/news/technik/gasgas-vor-dem-aus-die-klare-antwort-lautet-nein
  11. If you want to keep up with Gas Gas viability news, bookmark the Gas Gas tags page. https://www.diaridegirona.cat/tags/gas-gas.html There will more updates about the negotiations with the union. Todays news is the union fears the layoffs will last more than 6 months and workers are looking for new jobs since they might not be getting any pay after July 1 from what I understand of the Google translation.
  12. I was trying to do the technique of having the rear wheel hit the same spot as the front by popping the clutch but I couldn't get much lift on my 12 year old bike. I bought an even older bike but with much less hours and more bite on the clutch and I was able to get much more lift.
  13. https://www.diaridegirona.cat/economia/2019/06/19/gas-gas-prepara-ero-temporal/987459.html Gas Gas prepares a temporary ERO for the entire staff The electric motorcycle company wants to reduce the workday to its 122 workers to guarantee their viability The owners of Torrot Gas Gas de Salt have informed the unions that they prepare a new employment regulation record (ERO) on a temporary basis, which will affect the entire staff , both at the factory and at the offices, with a total of 112 people The company communicated the decision to the unions on Monday and a meeting is scheduled for tomorrow to specify the details. The direction of the firm intends to cut the length of the working day. With the ERO, activity in the Salt plant and in the rest of the departments, located in Mataró, would be maintained. The objective, as published by Expansión, is to continue to handle all the orders and the measure is designed to make the company more operational and to guarantee its viability. Torrot is controlled by 62% for Black Toro Capital (BTC) and 38% by Iván Contreras, Chief Executive Officer and founder. The company is experiencing a delicate financial situation and is looking for a new injection of capital. In 2017, Torrot Electric Europe billed 40.3 million, 163% more than in 2016, but lost 3.49 million, which meant reducing red numbers by 26%. The representatives of the workers received an alert already at the beginning of April. At the time, they were warned that Gas Gas had suffered a fall in sales that made it difficult to reach the targets set and came to present a proposal of ERO of extinction. The management of the Salt Motorcycle Factory offered compensation of 27 days per year for the 24 workers affected by the ERO of extinction. The company maintains that it can not reduce the number of layoffs, but it has been open to facilitate relocations and recruit those who now lose their jobs if production is increased. The committee, however, has rejected this plea in full. It is not the first time Gas Gas is at risk. Gas Gas's saltenca company came to have the production stopped for a year and started again in the spring of 2016. The Torrot electric motorcycle maker acquired Gas Gas in November 2015. Of the three offers that is they presented, his was the highest; It offered 9.66 million to acquire the Salt brand and accompanied it with an investment of 13 million in three years to refloat it. In addition, he proposed subrogating contracts to 55 workers.
  14. I contacted two USA GG dealers for a primary gear. Both said to call Jim Snell, the TRS importer. They want to give my money to a GG competitor or GG can't sell me the part? Jim doesn't have the part anyway. Alex Niederer, the top GG sponsored rider in the US and his Trials store USA is the Nationals title sponsor, no longer has GG on his website.
  15. My friend called Trials Store USA, his usual parts supplier, and Andreas usually gets his parts from Jim Snell as first choice. From what I understand, Jim doesn't have them and my friend was told to call someone in Michigan. GGNA has a parts warehouse in South Dakota. I would think with their new brick and mortar dealership setup (no more garage dealers), parts would come from GGNA.
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