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  1. sectionone

    50 Years of Montesa Cota

    If anyone here speaks Spanish, I wonder what he is saying about the prototype at the end. It is something Montesa should sell us if it weighs the same as the current bikes.
  2. sectionone

    Montesa 4RT Dragging Clutch Advice

    I had the same problem and fixed it by adjusting the lever. I have to use four fingers and press the lever into the grip and I can start it in neutral. I also use a folding lever that allows me to adjust the lever farther out.
  3. sectionone

    TXT 280 2012 crank seal

    If your transmission oil level is not dropping then your main bearing seal is good on the trans side. The mid muffler is packed with a coarse stainless steel wool. When it gets red hot the oil burns off. If you are riding sections with little smoke, then go full speed in 6th on the road or go up a long hillclimb and it smokes like crazy, then you are burning built up premix oil. I would consider this normal and not do anything. Cleaning out the header won't help because it only has built up carbon that doesn't smoke much.
  4. sectionone

    Looking for short rear brake lever/pedal

    My 4RT rear brake lever is too long for me so I wired the folding tip back. I like it much better with having to pivot my foot to brake instead of lifting foot off the pegs.
  5. sectionone

    TXT 280 2012 crank seal

    The seal is facing the crank so the only way to replace it is to split the cases. There is no seal on the oil side since that is where it gets lubed. I would get this one so you don't have to replace it again. https://www.splatshop.co.uk/gasgas-main-bearing-with-seal.html
  6. sectionone

    KTM supplying Beta Evo parts??

    This site claims that KTM made motors for Beta. https://www.bonecutterbeta.com/blog/beta-history
  7. Hi! I saw a post where you mentioned running your fan on a battery due to a failed rectifier! What battery did you use and where did you hide it? Not much room it seems on my Gasser!

  8. sectionone

    Keihin 28 pwk on Ebay/Craigslist?

    I tried swapping my KX100 carb with the Dellorto 26mm carb on my Fantic Section. It made it not run like a trials bike anymore. Not much low end and all the power is mid range. Kind of liked it. I guess using a different slide and jetting would make it more like a trials carb.
  9. sectionone

    KTM supplying Beta Evo parts??

    My 2007 Gas Gas has a KTM logo on the radiator. I read on some forum that KTM makes the Beta 4 stroke trials motor. Seems far fetched but Beta did use KTM engines on their enduro bikes and Suzuki engine on the Alp. Gas Gas and Sherco four stroke trials engines failed, but 12 years later the Beta four stroke engine is still going strong. I wonder if KTM gave a helping hand? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_(motorcycle_manufacturer) This video claims Beta makes KTM engines. See 1:10
  10. sectionone

    O/X Ring or standard chain?

    According to DID, the VT2 is 18.70 mm and standard is 17.50 mm wide. Almost the same.
  11. sectionone

    O/X Ring or standard chain?

    On my Gas Gas I run a standard chain since I have no choice and ride only trials on it. My 4RT is used for mainly long distance riding and like an enduro bike, an X ring chain makes sense.
  12. sectionone

    O/X Ring or standard chain?

    You might want to check to see if it will fit in the chain tensioner. On my Gas Gas, an o ring chain would rub against the case at the countershaft but on my 4RT there is enough space. I'd like to try a narrow x ring when I need a new chain. Narrower the better. They say x ring has less friction.
  13. sectionone

    Long Range Tank H&D racing?

    I have one on my 4RT. It is not very comfortable for long range riding. Foam is too firm. To use the gas, you have to take the seat off and use it like a gas can. I improved the comfort by adding an inch of foam, covering it with leather, glued to the vinyl. The added height makes riding position better along with moving the pegs forward. For riding while sitting, you want your body position more like the 4Ride which has the pegs moved forward.
  14. sectionone

    Where to buy Cota 4RT spares?

    http://www.overlandtrail.biz/ I found you can search by part number on an online retailer like bikebandit.com. Spend $100 and get free shipping at least here in the US.
  15. sectionone

    Where does the headlight plug in in a 4RT?