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  1. A friend has a 2013 Gas Gas Pro and the main bearings were replaced twice, tank is soft and leaky and the idler gear bearing fell apart damaging the primary and clutch gear teeth. I have a 2005 4RT and like it as well as my 2007 Sherco and 2007 Gas Gas. I think the Showa suspension is better but prefer the lighter 2 strokes for competing. I also like the grabbier clutch of the Montesa and Sherco over the Gas Gas.
  2. That ebay rim is 17". The Oset 17" rim is narrower than 1.6" I got mine from https://mototrialsport.com/ It came as a complete wheel with tire installed and I got the option of bracket and sprocket for quick wheel swap. Pricey at $400. I couldn't find a source for the rim to build my own. It uses bicycle spokes so I don't think a motorcycle rim would work without drilling the hub? The only decent 17 inch rear tire is the Vee Rubber trials tire that it comes with. Not that great with harder rubber than a real trials tire and packs with mud easier. The tire says radial, tubless but the wheel has a rimlock. You should check if an 18" trials tire will rub on the chain. I imagine the extra weight will rob power. A guy named Felix Popoki in Hawaii builds 17 and 18 inch wheels for the Sur Ron. You can ask him for his rim source or maybe he can build one. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1313021-sur-ron-whos-got-one/page/10/#comments
  3. I use this super thick tube. https://www.amazon.com/Nuetech-Tubliss-Inner-Tube-Rear/dp/B0065725RI You can get them for free from enduro users who throw away damaged ones.
  4. This is a great fix! When I first got my 24R, it took me several sessions to adjust to using the throttle. To get up a 3 ft obstacle I would have to approach at a walking speed to minimize the throttle lag. Now with the spacer and no lag, the throttle is a lot more like my gas bikes and I can use a stop and hop riding style. It is still different but the good news is it doesn't mess up my gas bike riding. When going down a steep decent on the Oset, I am gradually getting rid of the habit of trying to brake with my foot.
  5. Some dimensions here: https://www.boost-bikes.co.uk/collections/oset-battery-packs I have the 24 and it is just a cube with a velcro strap. For backyard riding the stock battery has too much capacity for me. It can last me three trials sessions. Fast trail riding will drain it quickly but slow technical riding uses little juice with my preferred setting of 3/4 speed on the top dial.It might be fun to make a battery pack that is half the weight and last just one session.
  6. I have no complaints about the brakes on my 24r. I weigh 140lbs.
  7. I have a 2007 250 pro and haven't noticed different thickness in the plates. There is a fine line between too thick and stiff pull and not thick enough and slipping. I noticed a lack of rear wheel jump when popping the clutch as the fibers wore down and the pull became easy. You can buy different thickness metal plates and/or this adjuster and even try sanding down new fibers slightly. I use ATF Type F oil. If you try the clutch of an expert rider, it will have a stiff pull. https://www.splatshop.co.uk/xiu-rdi-adjustable-spring-clutch-support-plate.html
  8. Bou has the longest winning streak in professional sports at 13 years with 26 titles and counting. Maybe he feels he needs to reduce risks that can jeopardize his streak.
  9. 55 years old, 5'4", 138lbs. I turn the speed dial down to the start of the red zone for trials and for trail riding everything all the way right. When trail riding the battery can drain quickly but for backyard trials it just sips the juice.
  10. I've been riding my Oset 24 in my backyard stop and hop style and the battery lasts longer than my body. I can do 3 one hour sessions on one charge.
  11. sectionone

    GG UK riders

    gasgas.com only has trials bikes now.Word is no enduro or mx bikes until 2021. I wonder if we will see 2020 trials bikes on the showroom floor of local KTM dealers?
  12. Here's mine, all Chinese except for the Fantic Section forks and KDX200 silencer. Stock exhaust was loud. Footpegs are too far forward for trials but I use it as a trail bike and light trials. Brand new was $1200 from Amazon, no longer available. 180 lbs. http://www.xmotos.com/x8888/bk_15065905.html
  13. The Pro engine is 18 years old. About time for a new design.
  14. That would mean they will not supply parts for the pre KTM models like they did with Husky. Their business model is to use the same components across their brands so it wouldn't make sense for them to support the Pro motor. Maybe they will use the Freeride motor as the starting point. I'd like them to use their 150 motor which is as light as the Pro. Bored out to 180cc it would be the bike for the masses.
  15. The EPure Race looks better than the Gas Gas. No need for 6 speeds on an electric bike.
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