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  1. I have a 2007 250 pro and haven't noticed different thickness in the plates. There is a fine line between too thick and stiff pull and not thick enough and slipping. I noticed a lack of rear wheel jump when popping the clutch as the fibers wore down and the pull became easy. You can buy different thickness metal plates and/or this adjuster and even try sanding down new fibers slightly. I use ATF Type F oil. If you try the clutch of an expert rider, it will have a stiff pull. https://www.splatshop.co.uk/xiu-rdi-adjustable-spring-clutch-support-plate.html
  2. Bou has the longest winning streak in professional sports at 13 years with 26 titles and counting. Maybe he feels he needs to reduce risks that can jeopardize his streak.
  3. 55 years old, 5'4", 138lbs. I turn the speed dial down to the start of the red zone for trials and for trail riding everything all the way right. When trail riding the battery can drain quickly but for backyard trials it just sips the juice.
  4. I've been riding my Oset 24 in my backyard stop and hop style and the battery lasts longer than my body. I can do 3 one hour sessions on one charge.
  5. sectionone

    GG UK riders

    gasgas.com only has trials bikes now.Word is no enduro or mx bikes until 2021. I wonder if we will see 2020 trials bikes on the showroom floor of local KTM dealers?
  6. Here's mine, all Chinese except for the Fantic Section forks and KDX200 silencer. Stock exhaust was loud. Footpegs are too far forward for trials but I use it as a trail bike and light trials. Brand new was $1200 from Amazon, no longer available. 180 lbs. http://www.xmotos.com/x8888/bk_15065905.html
  7. The Pro engine is 18 years old. About time for a new design.
  8. That would mean they will not supply parts for the pre KTM models like they did with Husky. Their business model is to use the same components across their brands so it wouldn't make sense for them to support the Pro motor. Maybe they will use the Freeride motor as the starting point. I'd like them to use their 150 motor which is as light as the Pro. Bored out to 180cc it would be the bike for the masses.
  9. The EPure Race looks better than the Gas Gas. No need for 6 speeds on an electric bike.
  10. Yesterday I picked up what I think is a 2005 GG EC Boy which is the enduro version of the TXT. I was planning on making it an electric bike so I don't need the motor. The seller said it has spark and I will check today.
  11. I have a feeling that Torrot is going to take the TXT-E with them when they split with Gas Gas. https://magazine.cyclenews.com/i/1151987-cycle-news-2019-issue-31-august-6/42?m4=
  12. Pat Smage is about 6 ft. and Oliver Smith is a little taller?
  13. I have a 2007 txt 250 that I bought almost new. This year the clutch seemed slow and when I rode a different bike it was really apparent. There is a fine line between having the clutch pack too thick (stiff pull) or too thin (soft pull, slow clutch). I bought one of these and my clutch is snappy again. https://www.splatshop.co.uk/xiu-rdi-adjustable-spring-clutch-support-plate.html
  14. There's another hole next to the idler gear. A friend's idler gear needle bearing disintegrated for some reason and shrapnel went through the holes and damaged the gears. I was thinking on mine to JB Weld aluminum screens on the holes in case it happens to me. Maybe a screen barrier around the primary gear since it damaged that also and the part is not available.
  15. I picked up an 07 Sherco and it has what must be the cheapest, thinnest front brake disc guard on any bike. Literally crumbled in my hand like crushing a styrofoam cup. Granted 12 years old, but I remember new ones breaking easily.
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