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  1. Recently bought a '97 315r to improve my slow speed handling and spannering skills. Will be partly restoring/upgrading parts on this, and keeping it for the long term for fun in a mates field. Might possibly consider joining a trials club and getting a newer trially in the future if I want more of a challenge but we'll see. After a few trips at 5 years old to go see King Kenny race speedway at the Shay in Halifax, before his sad death, I was hooked on motorbikes and especially the smell of two stroke smokers. Luckily as a young kid there was a sand quarry locally which some local kids used to rag their Fantics, KX's and TY's about on. I say luckily because parents being as they were meant I never owned a bike of my own until 17 y/o when I bought a Honda H100-a (approximately 12th hand) and travelled all over the North/NW and NE of England on that reliable old smoker in all weathers, before selling it for what I paid for it 2 years later. First experience riding a motorbike was at said sand quarry, aged 6 y/o on a mint TY80. First fall was ten minutes after that from the tank of a beaten up old TY125 -as I couldn't reach the pegs and the bars at the same time - while trying to ride over an oil barrel table top. Glad to say that 40 years later I finally now own a Montesa. Which was a bit of a dream as a kid. "Kickstart" was a constant childhood inspiration. I also own a restored '82 TS125 which doesn't get out much but really should, a custom '98 XV535 cruiser for local fun in the sun, and a '19 DL650 as my go to, go anywhere, anytime in any weather bike. Plus the new old Monty that makes 4 currently but there are lots more bikes on my wanted list. Next year will hopefully be seeing me on either a DRZ400 or a CRF250L....or a Pan European, or an R6 lol ???? Have fun all x
  2. Sorry agiow, just seen this post, I must've missed the email notification. Looks like you've got a few new parts on that bike. What've you got on there?
  3. Thanks again jonboy883, will do. Having fun is what it's all about, life's too short to frown it all away ???
  4. Proper job, can't wait to get stuck in now ?? cheers.
  5. Wow guys thanks so much for the welcomes and all the advice, tips and info above. Blown away I am! Lots there to be absorbed and inwardly digested over breakfast this morning!!! Apologies I'm only just now responding but yesterday turned into a very busy one quite rapidly. The reason for this was that I was doing my normal e-bay breakfast bike ogle, when a 2001 Montesa Cota 315r came up for sale within budget, only 40 miles from home. Happy to announce that after long and protracted labours yesterday, I followed Jonboy883's advice and I'm now a proud Dad again. Little Monty is currently nestled in cosy and warm in his new home, amongst his siblings both older and younger, out in the shed. Over the moon I am ? The bike starts 2nd kick, is a runner and rides ok on old boots, but shows signs of quite a bit of use. I suspect the correct maintenance schedule hasn't always been so strictly adhered to, so I'm confident there will be a bit of spanner work to do down the line, to get it back purring sweetly again, but that's all part of the fun for me. Quite looking forward to getting the tools out and seeing what's what. Seller supplied a few small parts with the bike, but no doubt there will be some more winging their cardboard covered way in the this direction soon. I'll obviously be milking the forum here dry for as much info as possible, but could someone please spare me five mins to list/share a link to, any common issues and things to look out for/give special attention to with these bikes? Thanks again one and all. Great forum! Looking forward to being an active member here, almost as much as getting out on my new old Montesa Cota 315r ??
  6. Hi all, New to this forum and returning to off road and trials riding after a looonnnng time away. I rode trials a little bit as a very young kid but then my teen and adult years have been spent on road bikes, surfboards and in, under, on and behind (pushing) a variety of mainly clapped out vans. Hoping some of you guys and gals can help me out here please. I have around £1500 burning a hole in my pocket to spend on a used trials bike for some gentle, slow speed fun in a mates field, and also a bit of green laning. The bike needs to be as reliable and user friendly as possible considering my budget and long absence from off road riding, but also have good parts availability for the inevitable running repairs if that's also possible within my budget. What bike should I be looking for at that price please? Also if anyone on here is selling something suitable currently, I'm based in mid Cornwall and don't mind driving a couple of hours to collect. Budget is a little flexible but not massively. Any and all advice or offers much appreciated. Ta very much. Best wishes ?☀️
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