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  1. I've no idea! It was well done, neat heatshrink and hidden away. Weird the other stator I tried must have been the same.. To be honest I gave up on it for 12 months, but with this lock down stuff going on (even though I'm a key worker so still working.. Natch) it was as good a time as any to try again. Words can't express how made up I am to have finally sussed it ?
  2. Update. Refitted the old ignition, found the pickup wires were reversed in the loom! Corrected that and it runs properly every time now ? Timing advances rather than retards. Just the owner to sort now!!
  3. No. Long story, but borrowed an ignition off a friend and that worked, then found that the polarity of the pickup was reversed and hidden behind the original heatshrink sleeve. Changed the polarity and its running fine now! The strange thing is, I tried another stator and pickup and it was the same.. Always the smallest things eh
  4. Well I borrowed a complete 2005 ignition setup off a friend's bike, and lo and behold it runs fine. No idea why the 2002 stuff isn't working with it, unless there was some mismatch somewhere. Anyhow, few more test rides then rebuild my mates bike. And the hunt for a stator, flywheel and cdi begins..
  5. Odd eh! It goes near tdc just above idle, then advances when running well. Does seem to be stuck fully retarded when running badly. There's no map switch & I've been through every connection & earth. All good. The only theory I've got is maybe there's an issue with the flywheel & the pickup is triggering twice for some unknown reason when it's running badly. So the cdi thinks it's running at double rpm, retarding the ignition. But it will not rev any higher due to lack of enough voltage from the stator at a low rpm. I'm going to check with the strobe again later, I couldn't remember how much it was flashing at idle when running badly. I've got a dyno with an rpm pickup, may hook that up later. Mystery!
  6. Just the one lobe (or inverted lobe). I got it running this eve, got the strobe on and at idle normally the marks are so (it's marked around 20 degrees, couldn't find my dial gauge or degree wheel) Increase the rpm and it goes near tdc This is when it's running right mind.. So turned it off, started again and its running crap. Marks are fixed here no matter the rpm So it's definitely an ignition problem. But what?!
  7. Thanks mate, that's what I was aiming to try and find with the timing light. See if I can get it running good and bad to check, but without knowing the ignition timing it was going to be hard to mark the flywheel. I was going to mark 20 degrees btdc for a starting point. See how that goes! It's had another 3 cdi's (including one off a bike that was running fine) and still the same. Real puzzler! Thanks!
  8. Ok,but it doesn't really answer my original question though. Whether or not its an 03 or an 05, the Ducati ignition has been replaced with a Kokusan system. Hence me asking about the flywheel ID number differences. It's a fairly common mod to ditch the Ducati stuff and replace it with the Kokusan setup.
  9. Not sure Guy, trying to find out the differences atm!
  10. Did they run the ducati ignition system by 05 though? I know the timing isn't adjustable, but am trying to see what the timing is doing while it's running, as it seems its not working as it should be. Hence needing the btdc firing info. AFAIK it's a 2003, the shop I was dealing with confirmed this.
  11. Morning, As per my other thread, I'm trying to fix a running problem with my 2003 TXT300. I ditched the Ducati ignition system, and replaced it with a Kokusan complete system (Flywheel, stator, cdi, regulator, rectifier and coil). It'll run fine, then restart and it runs like crap (like the timing is out). I'm trying to ID the flywheel. Going through the wiring diagrams, it seems I have fitted a 1996-2000 Kokusan ignition system, my flywheel is stamped 'FP8102'. Anyone with a similar year bike able to confirm they have the same flywheel fitted? Most I see on ebay from around that year are stamped 'FP5367'. Also does anyone know what the static timing should be? Just for checking with a strobe as there are no timing marks on the flywheel so I'll have to do my own. Thanks in advance! Paul
  12. Thanks I understand that, but with the flywheel fitted (& woodruff key in place) there was still a bit of play when rotating the flywheel slightly, like the key in the keyway was a bit slack. This is without the bolt fitted but the flywheel tight against the taper.
  13. Took the flywheel off last night, nothing amiss really. Magnets all seemed the have similar strength. Did notice some play though between the keyway & woodruff key. Not sure if there was enough to cause this issue once tightened but have ordered a new one anyway. It would be ironic if it was that all along.. Does anyone know at which point btdc the ignition fires?
  14. Electrical was my thought too. I've been through everything else really, con checked all the wiring, resistances checked hot and cold. Put the megger on the earth points etc. I'll get the flywheel off tonight for a looksie again, see if there's anything I've missed.
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