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  1. Follow up - Replaced the throttle and relay, with no luck. Than replaced the controller with a new one, and the bike is back to life. Thanks for the help.
  2. My son (13 years old) is Using the Oset 24 mostly for enduro. Bike's motor & controller are getting very warm, and go into limp mode. Can happen after 15 minutes of riding. Added a computer fan to cool the controller, but it's not very useful. Any suggestions? Motor is sizzling hot and so is the controller. Heat sink? Cold packs?
  3. Riding with the motor's temperature sensor connected was no fun. After 25 minutes, it cuts the power significantly. We disconnected it, which helped at the risk of motor damage. You are right of course regarding brushes replacement. However, it requires disassembling the swingarm and opening the motot. Doable, but I'd rather have a maintenance free brushless motor. Waiting now for a replacement controller and will add a fan as you suggested.
  4. The excessive heat damages a brushed motor much more than its brushless equivalent. The brushes will need replacement. Brushless motors tolerate the heat better.
  5. Mine overheats as well. Not the best bike for trail riding
  6. interesting. I ended up replacing the stock Oset controller with a 1500w basic brushed controller. it was a mistake as the response and power were brutal (instant but brutal). no way of taming down this basic controller. also, there was no current limit on this controller, so blew the 100A fuse. will try a more subtle 1000w controller.
  7. I agree, however the stock Oset 24 is equipped with a 50 (continous) & 130 amp peak controller. Also, a 250 amp fuse is installed on the main wire. So, I guess my 55 peak amp draw may be quite low compared to stock Osets, but not sure.
  8. replaced the stock Oset 24r controller with a different model. installed potentiometers on the throttle's +5v and ground wire, and tweaked them until I managed to tame the acceleration to my liking, and vanish the dead band of the throttle, when applying power. measured the max amp draw at full throttle from stand still on a high traction surface (no wheel spin) - 55 amps. is this reasonable for this model? too low? too high?
  9. Electric motion use brushless as well, and of course all the others - Alta, KTM Freeride, Zero...
  10. What made Oset's engineers choose brushed motor over brushless? Almost all e-bike alternatives run brushless. Is it because these motors are less expensive? Better low speed characteristics (RC crawlers have brushed motors for that reason)? Starting to think about an Oset 24 conversion. So many brushless controllers and motors options as opposed to brushed...
  11. Thanks. Fuses checked fine. Will keep you up to date regarding the other tests (waiting for a new throttle and relay).
  12. Reading older posts with similar issues, they mention that a faulty motor will cause the controller to not fire up the relay. My situation is that the controller do provide the 48v to tbe relay (via the 2 thin wires). So, I guess the controller is trying to switch on the relay by sensing a fine motor load. Rulling out motor problem (or not 😉)
  13. if the motor is open circuit, will the controller still send the initiation voltage to the relay? because the controller still output the correct 48v voltage to the relay. the motor was fine when riding back home, I don't see a reason for it to malfunction sitting idle. but who knows.. perhaps the spark caused by attaching the connector when the two fat red wires were connected caused a controller problem... anyway, I suppose I can check the motor by providing its wires with a direct 48v power source. here is the diagram.
  14. Not likely. The bolts penetrate the relay's coil only. The two thin wires coming out from the controller still provide 48v to the relay.
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