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  1. It's doing well, but thank Zeus that we are allowed to try to make it even better.
  2. I could see my trials placings possibly sky-rocket if this new rule was implemented. I vote YES. :-)
  3. I see your point. So then why not make the WTC the same way, since beating Bou would be, today, better than even beating Dougie, right? Why deny a rider that possibility? One line for all.
  4. So you advocate that the WTC have the same number of lines as the Scottish, correct? Are you an individual who believes that good things can't be made even better? (I didn't say the Scottish sucks, I just say it can be made better, by giving Dougie more of a points challenge, and giving the least talented rider there more of a chance to not drag his bike throught sections all day. Or should we just have ONE line at the WTC, where Bou gets 0 points, and the least talented rider there drags/crashes his bike around all day - that's not really "riding" - for 100+ points?)
  5. So if you like the DIFFERENT LINES for different skill levels at the WTC, do you agree with me that the Scottish Six Day, which sort of suffers from the same problem, would do better to have TWO (maybe more, but I'm not advocating that) different lines in at least a few select sections, so that Dougie/Dibs/Alex/Brownie, etc. don't clean all 36 sections on any day, while another rider drags his bike though the sections all day for 100 points? It's the same thing, really. Shouldn't we be consistent? Or should the WTC rounds all ride the SAME line?
  6. Are you by chance on the FIM trials rules committee?
  7. A forum member who I respect wrote "It would also allow good european riders to do a few rounds if they wanted ?" So doesn't the Open Class do just that, with out mucking-up the Pro Class?
  8. Or how about make the Open Class ride the Youth Line?
  9. Stop & Hop.....versus Stop & Yawn. I can see that some people don't find stop & hop as exciting. Endurocross, for example, is more exciting than trials, for the spectators, so that's probably the single biggest thing that the new rules have going for them (more "action" for spectators.)
  10. Davis (and Roper too) has gotten SECOND at a recent National....the kids are gettin' good! I admire the effort of all our National riders who rode that world round.
  11. Very valid point. The difference in riding ability (heck, like even in the US Pro class) is stark. Blue line, is that the Youth or Junior line?
  12. Not TC forum members. No, not at all. Just the attitude of the *FIM* seems somewhat fascist to me.
  13. The trials god has spoken, and he says the new FIM rules were to blame for the ridiculously high scores! He should know! So this thread is now SETTLED/FINISHED. Saint Bou himself said, in the Cycle News article on that round, regarding the far-out scores: "with the new rules it's difficult to get it completely correct." From page 37 of the Cycle News June 25 issue's article: http://cyclenews.uberflip.com/t/24308 So we can take the world of FIM officials who, some have argued, are alligned with the corporate interests, or we can take the world of our hero, Saint Bou, who actually rode the event. FYI: page 34-35 of the June 25 issue also has an article on the recent US National weekend! Saint Smage dominated....great job Patrick.
  14. Per day that's what the Scottish Six Day basically works out to for the very best riders, so maybe that's not a bad idea, tim. Now if the Scottish can evolve (to stop/hop) it will be an even better event (it's already a very good event.)
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