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  1. neo

    2010 Sherco

    Looks pretty for sure ;-)
  2. neo

    Last 4T

    stealth stɛlθ/ noun 1. cautious and surreptitious action or movement. "the silence and stealth of a hungry cat" I got it now lol!!
  3. neo

    Last 4T

    Errr.... "Stealth" ....This is code right Cope lol!!
  4. neo

    Last 4T

    I'm right with you there Cope.
  5. neo

    Last 4T

    Thats interesting Tony, I remember some time back there was a guy on TA that fitted and OKO 24mm to his Sherco 4T and said he loved it after that. I'm feeling kinda over the 2T's. I'm still just a novice rider that wants a more docile ride now. Best of balance. Neo
  6. neo

    Last 4T

    Ok I get it now... Sorry ;-) This is the kind info I needed .... Many thanks guys. Slightly off thread ... What do you guys know about the Beta 4T engine?... Any good? Best of balance. Neo
  7. neo

    Last 4T

    Sorry perce, but I don't follow your logic here. I'm sure you know that the 320, like all the other 4T's was originally developed for environment conservation reasons (2T's were going to be abolished) and the smooth delivery of power was/is well suited to Trials. But it was a more expensive engine/bike that weighed more and did not have quite as much power as the 290....The price alone made it less popular but I believe that popularity has nothing to do with "a Good bike" or "a Bad bike" of my choosing. Best of balance. Neo
  8. neo

    Last 4T

    Thanks Chris, Ok please tell me .... Was that 320 engine well suited to Trials? .... Did the high pot raise the centre of gravity by much? Best of balance. Neo
  9. neo

    Last 4T

    Hi All, Could someone please tell me what was the last year that Sherco did the 4T Trials? Many thanks. Neo
  10. neo

    Atf In A Sherco ?

    Hi Steve, Well apart for the sharper clutch action it soaks into the clutch plates. Later (when you want a smoother clutch lol!) you'll have to replace those plates to give you back a smooth action. If none of this is a big deal then no worry but I've had quite a bit of success running Synthetic 5w30 Castrol 5w30 Edge Sport ... or ...Nulon 5w30 "Long Life Diesel and Petrol Oil" Riding most days over 3 years I've proved that I get minimal gear wear when I use these oils (no silver or grey in waste oil) so I'm sticking with these Best of balance either way. Neo
  11. Gotta be the woodruff key ... can't see how it could be the stator? Maybe that stator nut was a bit loose?? Best of balance. Neo
  12. I hated he "bend-it-trick" but sometimes it's necessary.....if it's possible. Assuming you need to get the old nipple out may as well make a decent job of it. Also if you dab some Anti Seize on the thread (each spoke thread in fact) it won't happen again. So do it good now so you can forget it later lol! All the best. Neo
  13. neo


    Thanks for that Cope. Have fun out there. Neo
  14. neo


    Hi Cope, How's the Suspension different and how does it help your riding? I still have the TRP on my bike. Would it be a big improvement on that? Are you still on a 250? All the best. Neo
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