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  1. wayne509


    Unfortunately you need to buy the seat unit for the later bike too
  2. Got it back in ..... never bothered with the clutch fixer mod after advice from those who have had them snap. Result ..... still the same noise .... looks like it's time to take the crank out now instead Oh well it's good to learn about your bike eh ?
  3. Took the gearbox out and there seemed to be excess play in the bush that the main shaft goes through. Also there was a bit of damage on the gear that the kickstart quadrant sits against. Sent it down to Nigel Birkett to fix and I believe it has been done. Hopefully someone is collecting it for me tomorrow and it will be fitted by Monday night ... will keep you informed
  4. Well there is no clutch fixer rod in there and quite a bit of play. I take it there is a bearing behind the clutch basket on the bracket that holds it all .. the bracket that bolts to the bike??
  5. wayne509

    Fuel Pump Removal

    You do need to take the motor out. Bit of a pain but do-able .... Take the 8 bolts out of the pump, Pull both sides out together and you will see the pipes that join them. The only special tool you need can be made from a 'sharpy' pen lid. It is cut down and used to separate the pipes. When installing the new pump the pipes just push fit together
  6. Bike is a 12 ... The clutch does seem worn .... Any idea on the clutch specs for the Ossa. Smallest plate is 1.92mm ( if my vernier is accurate ) and doesn't seem to have much meat at all left on it. Could be that I know our 11 never had that that rod and I don't think this bike does either ( will find out tomorrow ) I take it the part was cheap enough?
  7. The play is side to side. My lad took the box out today so I will have a look at it tomorrow and see if I can see anything obvious
  8. Been a rumble / whirring on my lads 280 for a few weeks now which has been getting worse so it's time to investigate. Has been a few bigger bits of metal than usual in the last couple of oil changes. First step is to obviously pull the box. Before doing it I have noticed there seems to be a bit of play in the clutch basket. I presume that there should be none??? Would this suggest a knackered bearing ? If not probably main bearings. Anyone priced the tools for taking the crank out?
  9. wayne509

    Help 2011 Tr280I

    Extend the breather up towards the headstock and run the bike with more oil as recommended on the Ossa website. I think they recommend 450ml now rather than the original 350 .. I can't remember off hand My lad's 2011 exhaust was much worse than that. He used 'JB WELD' onto a hot exhaust and it left a nice smooth finish which lasted till he sold the bike 4 months later. Easy to get and cheap ( try EBAY) or obviously as others have said get it done properly by someone able to weld Alloy
  10. Or Glenlomond, Wester Balgeddie It's a practice ground not far from you ... costs a fiver a time ... well worth that for hassle free biking. Currently open Saturday mornings and wednesday evenings but the owner is usually OK with you practicing at other times BUT only after you have cleared it with him
  11. Cheers Bud ..... I'm well chuffed with it now. It actually looks better in the flesh Just been out and finished it off. Tidied the wiring at the headstock, have taken the green breather pipe off and added a set of neoprene fork protectors and a couple more fork stickers. If you intend changing the colour its actually very easy to strip but the motor is really tight so needs a bit of patience getting it in and out. If you need any advice just give me a shout ... that's mine and a mates we have done in the last couple of months so we have learned what to do and a potentially expensive lesson with the fuel pump too. The kit is brilliant quality ... probably thicker than the Ossa kits and is also cheaper.
  12. The dogs have hated me since we took a JCB in their garden and started making a driveway. The grass you can see used to be lovely and flat and the weedy stony part half done road bit was also grass. All will be good when it is finished ..... the love will be restored.
  13. Must admit I am struggling on mine. Not sure why ... I think the bars need brought back a bit as I keep pushing the front end on the slow stuff. If I bring the bars back though I feel to big on the bike if that makes sense. Next move is to try some risers and try again. Decided to stick with it as the linear power and amazing grip will make it a great bike if I can ever learn to ride the thing On the flip side of that a couple of guys in the club have just started riding Ossas and have come on leaps and bounds ... Try one for yourself ... it is the only way
  14. Well after a series of c0ck ups with powder coating colours and out of production factory decal kits it seems the facelift on my bike is very nearly complete. Here are a few pics of the FUTURE kit ... available from H&D Racing ... a bit different to the usual green but I'm loving it. The pics on the site don't do it justice and I was swithering before going for it so hopefully this will help someone else make a decision. Quality is great as is fit and cheap enough too
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