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  1. Ran a IRC last year on my air cooled mono but had to run 3psi to get it to grip good but other than that it went well and had no problems with it stoping on the rim till I slit the side wall then had to fit a tube to finish the season For the tr280i I have just fitted a Dunlop for next year and had to take it to a bike shop to get it blown onto the rim after 2 hrs. of trying myself , the x11 I can fit in 5 mins so I hope I get no holes and it stays on the rim
  2. 4 stroke honda

    All 3 bikes

    Honda TLM260rf 1990 Honda TLR250f 1984 Montesa Cota 247 1974
  3. Just tried there site and I had no problems with it loading and just had a delivery to OZ which arrived in less than a week
  4. Love it thought there might be a few shots from your cam in there Peter
  5. I have a 2013 seat and rear guard just arrived in the post today to fit to my 2012 bike and its a direct fit
  6. it could do with renewing as well so that looks the way to go and keep the old ones for practice
  7. 4 stroke honda


    Hi Just picked up a 2012 bike and it needs a new back mudguard as the former owner has repaired the one that is fitted to the bike and I wondered if the 2013 rear mudguard fits the 2012 as it is made more flexible plastic and also do I have to get the 2013 graphics or will the 2012 fit Thanks
  8. tank and seat look good but not sure about the colours
  9. <p> Members 31 posts Location:York Bike:Honda RTL & TLR 250 Posted Yesterday, 07:13 AM Haha! Picked up this today, stripped it down and gave it a bloody good clean - came up really well. Totally different to the TLR, fantastic! Very nice Joe Looks like you are hooked on the bike buy and then rebuild club See how long you can leave it as bought and not strip down Only manage to get mine into the garage , look at them close then its tools out Going by your TLR it won't be long before you start looking for parts ect
  10. where did you cut the head stock top or bottom and how much did you move it as new parts have arrived for mine and thinking of doing the mods now instead of summer Aus time
  11. Thats what i used to use when i lived in the UK with the back up of a big Rotty dog, it works as scum tried to nick the bikes but noise alerted the dog and myself and never seen scum move so fast as they disappeared never to come back + chain the bikes down to the floor to give yourself time to get there
  12. France Trial Classic do magical springs for the TY as they are the same as the KT250 front springs which i ordered last week and arrived in the post today in Oz so you get fast delivery as well Roger has them in his TY175 fitted with 250 forks and says they are a big improvement over standard springs
  13. 1) No 2) Yes (but you might need 2 rim locks) 3) keep in place to protect the tube from the spokes 4) No wait till you put it back on Tip use baby powder on the tube and a little bit of pressure in the tube when you insert it and careful as you lever the Tyre back on, small bites at a time Good luck
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