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  1. Have you checked the kick start paw and idler gear, GasGas is known for the kick start gears chipping / breaking When this happens it normally makes the engine growl / vibrate so bad the engine feels like it is coming out of the frame. Also the S3 2 piece head "O" rings maybe leaking, were these replaced when you had the engine worked on? Terry
  2. Warning, not all brakemtec master cylinders are the same. It is widely known that the earlier Brakemtec master cylinders were manufacture incorrectly, The small holes in the body were drilled to large and not de burred. this would cut the seal. I do not know the date codes on the parts to know when the factory fixed this issue. I do know that the newest master cylinders instead of having a 2 piece clamp have a one piece hinged bracket. I am assuming that the newer model has been manufactured correctly? Note: The GasGas bleeder banjo at the clutch cover is questionable at best. Mine was so bad i could not bleed the system. I went with a after market jitsie banjo bleeder. Also you will need new washer when upgrading.
  3. With my master cylinder problem, monobloc front brake caliper hanging up, clutch issues, kick start gear breaking. I haven't been able to ride long enough to break the frame Disclaimer, my 2014 GG was made when GG was on the way to bankruptcy, maybe older models were better?
  4. After checking the 2014, the photo I posted looks like it. The website I found this at is http://motonew2017.com/moto-news-in-2017-with-motorcycle-show-eicma-2017-chacht-1st/
  5. I have searched and found a photo labeled Beta evo 2017 2T I suspect the 4T would be the same color scheme?
  6. zuendapp

    Tire Pressure

    Several friends have tried the IRC rear tire to save money, I have been told the traction is OK, one of the problems with a IRC rear tire is it will occasionally burp and go flat for no reason. Usually this happens when riding in rocks or going down a creek with rocks. You put air back in and all is OK for awhile and then Burp again and flat.
  7. The clutch rattle noise should diminish when the clutch is pulled in. Be a where that if the engine vibrates badly when running. Feels like it is coming out of the frame vibration. That is normally a kick start paw / idler gear with a damaged or chipped tooth. This is bad and needs your attention. All it takes is a small chip to vibrate. When you change the trans oil, I would look for metal chips on the magnetic filler / drain plug. This will tell the story?
  8. One word of caution, I would not remove the water pump from the clutch housing, I normally put a tie wrap thru one of the bolt holes to make sure it doesn't come out of the housing. Also the kick start shaft seal can be damaged on removal / install. I am surprised that your bike is a 2013 that you haven't become a expert on side cover / clutch pack adjust / kick start repair yet ;-)
  9. Brakem Tec master cylinders had many problems in trials applications. Cut seals, metal shavings in rear master cylinders. One dealer had a rear brake failure during setup. My understanding this was in 2014. I'm sure others have more details? Maybe they have fixed some manufacturing problems now??
  10. A little more info maybe helpful? What year is bike What carb? Dellorto or Keihin ( have you drained float bowel for water / contamination ) How long have you owned bike? Have you changed the spark plug? What type of gas, race fuel or pump gas? GasGas bikes after longer rides on fast roads, the mid pipe will catch fire and burn excess oil and sometimes melt plastic end cap.
  11. My friend and I both installed the Jitsie linkage protector on our 2014 GasGas. My linkage did have some slight scrapes before I installed it. As with any time you remove / loosen your GasGas aluminum skid plate, it will take some choice words and a friend to help you get the Jitsie plate installed. Well worth the price for your GasGas
  12. I have checked the USA Beta trials website and did not see 2017 Beta trials? The Offroad Beta 2017's were listed. Any news of changes for Trials? I'm interested in Beta and did see 2016's for sale, should I wait for the 2017? Thanks Terry
  13. Other more technical people will help with more info, but my understanding you need to bleed the cartridge fork assemblies. Not just drain and replace the oil? There has been many tech articles on this on the net. I have also seen a video from Australia.
  14. If you look at photo's of Factory support riders you will see your answer. From a casual observer I see AJP small and large reservoir master cylinders and even on Factory GasGas rider you will see a older style AJP front caliper. With the problems I saw in 2014 with Brakemtec I started using the older AJP small reservoir master cylinders ( clutch / front brake ) A prominent trials supplier in UK has raised there prices for you guessed it. The AJP small / large reservoir mineral oil clutch master cylinder. Enjoy Terry
  15. When you say Pro 2014 GasGas, are you a where of the 3 models built in 2014? TXT Pro, Racing, Factory ( previous Raga model ) Are you a die hard GasGas buyer? If so the 2014 was the start of GasGas downward financial spiral, My friends 2014 300 racing had torques bit 10 clutch hub ring bolts / my 2014 300 Racing had the 7mm 12 point clutch hub ring bolts. Both bikes had the fiber clutch plates installed incorrectly and Oh my other friends 2015 Racing 300 fiber plates installed incorrectly OOOPPPPPSy The installed Brakem Tech master cylinders were manufactured wrong and fail, sometimes as soon as you assemble the bike. The rear master cylinder in my friends bike had metal shavings in it, failed in a few hours. The importer had seen this problem before? Lots of other sniggly problems also like front caliper getting hot and locking the front wheel, just riding down the trail. I have not had a main bearing issue yet. Clutch finger bent from new, new style 2mm steel plate clutch can not be changed by adding thicker or thinner steel plate to bring the finger height in spec. I have had to through a fist full of hundred dollar bills at mine to make it reliable and work correctly. I recently talked with a large trials dealer and he indicated that no parts were available in the USA from the new GasGas owners? and this brought the price of used GasGas trials bikes down. so this maybe the time to buy? Side note, yes parts are available from the previous parts importer and from Europe, I have been told that it is somewhat cost prohibitive. Other may have more knowledge of the parts availability As a long time dirt bike enthusiast, I am not a Happy camper with GasGas quality of build on my 2014 and the 2015 is worse from what I have seen. This is my first and last GasGas Terry
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