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  1. Appears to be the wrong link. I'm getting graham Jarvis
  2. Very nice. Enjoy the trip. I'm just starting up again as well and also trying to get in better shape. Lots more leg strength needed!
  3. I believe most issues where fixed by 2015. Only problems I'm having are my own lack of knowledge. But Im learning
  4. tahoebrian5

    Ossa Newbie

    Thanks for the info. Can you tell me how to check the oil level? And also the fill amount for changing oil? Sorry for the simple questions. Lack of documentation is surprising. Maybe there is a service manual available?
  5. tahoebrian5

    Ossa Newbie

    Well I've been out 3 times and loving the bike. Having a few minor maintenance issues. Rear tire is losing air. I'm new to tubeless so looking for ideas. Crankcase is leaking when I left it overnight leaned to the right. Need to investigate further. And the rear brake has not much power. Will try to lightly sand the pads and bleed. Anyway tips or advice very welcome. Thanks!
  6. tahoebrian5

    Ossa Newbie

    Really! That is a surprise. Well I I guess I will take that off my wish list
  7. tahoebrian5

    Ossa Newbie

    Anyone have the termi Carbon exhaust? Wondering how much weight is saved with it. Nice looking piece, probly too expensive but one can dream.
  8. tahoebrian5

    Ossa Newbie

    Thank you sir. For the most part it needs nothing but nice to know these things.
  9. tahoebrian5

    Ossa Newbie

    Thanks for the replies, I do have a couple questions, and the owners manual I found was completely worthless. 1) I'm assuming there is no reserve for the fuel? 2) I believe I have the 2015 model.. Is there a dual map function? Maybe a plug? 3) I was told to use 120:1 fuel mixture. Comments? 4) I have an ohlins shock. Is the rebound adjuster on the bottom?
  10. tahoebrian5

    Ossa Newbie

    I've got a new to me 2015 Tr250. I know absolutely nothing about these bikes. Is there any good resources? Any knowledge you care to share is appreciated (I could not even find the fuel on/off valve!) okay I'm off to see if I can find an owners manual online.
  11. I finally got myself another trials bike. 2015 ossa 250. My last bike was an 09 gasgas 280 Eco and it needed a bunch of work so decided to sell it instead of fixing it up. I took her out for a test ride today. It's very plush and much easier to ride over nasty stuff. It seemed like the back end was a little bit harder to get lift on double blips but that could very well just be my poor technique being out of practice. Getting the back end off the ground with the weight on the front tire was the biggest improvement. Wow, I almost went over the bars the first time because it was so easy. Anyway just thought I'd stop in and say hi. (Btw this was Mandy's bike from Lewisport)
  12. Everyone has issues it seems. I'm a sucker for high tech so the vertigo is appealing in that aspect, but that price tag is less than attractive.
  13. Thanks for the info. Adding 1k to the price and it's getting close to the vertigo.
  14. Is there any updated feedback on the TRS models? They are definitely a prominent option in my bike shopping adventure at the moment. How do people feel about the Olle shock? Seems most of the upscale competition has reiger or ohlins. Are the pros riding for TRS using the stock Olle shock?
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