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  1. Which Brembo are you looking at, any links? TIA
  2. caddy4u

    315 Frame Polish

    Anyone polished a 315 frame? If so, how did you get past the dull coating? and how did you protect it? TIA
  3. Did you get chance to take any pictures of this please mate? And what wire did you use?
  4. Most of the new trials bikes appear to have Braktec master cylinders and callipers on them, are they all the same bike to bike, i.e are the only different things the colour (montesa grey/black and gasgas)? and are there any upgrades other than the nissan master cylinder that a lot of montesa riders use? Do brembo make any trials parts? TIA
  5. caddy4u

    2001 315R

    Thank you buddy, most helpful! PM sent buddy!
  6. caddy4u

    2001 315R

    Just bought one guys! Few things, does anyone have or have a link to a workshop manual? Next, Clutch is awful, how to improve? Thirdly, got a tapping in the top end, what do I need to change the piston, was best to get it from and any hints and tips! Thank you very much!
  7. Love the new colours though! and think my repsols gonna get a facelift mudguard!!!
  8. That's awesome-thank you, will wait for the pictures till I decide if I'm capable of doing that haha!
  9. That's awesome-thank you, will wait for the pictures till I decide if I'm capable of doing that haha!
  10. Sounds good to me! Have you any more details on how you did this, or pictures? TIA
  11. Has anybody fitted one? or any wiring loom? and does it have wiring for the 2map PTB? and was it a nightmare to fit? TIA
  12. Just wondering what people have done to there 4rt's...
  13. caddy4u

    Ptb Mapping

    Thanks, you're always pretty helpful on my posts! Do you know where I could get the leads and cd from please?
  14. caddy4u

    Ptb Mapping

    Sorry I should've have clarified, I'm not looking for anything special, I have 2 softer maps on at the moment for the wet season and am looking to get one replaced for a full power map if anyone can help?
  15. caddy4u

    Ptb Mapping

    Not wishing to appear insensitive at all, but i used to send my PTB back to MSport to get my maps changed! Does anyone know another option?
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