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  1. Thanks Ted, someone else has told me they do a similar thing with their 125. But against the wheel of his van, I thought he was joking! I also think it is terrible to think that a manufacturer who claim to be the top trials bike manufacturer can turn out something that isn't right out of the box. Cheers, Stuart.
  2. I have spoken to gasgas and they say with the bike only having an hour or so on it, it's not uncommon to have a bit of drag. They have said get another hour on it and then gat it in a higher gear and load the clutch up a bit and it should get better with time. So I'll keep at it for a while yet before I pull the clutch out of it.
  3. I spoke to the guys at Oset at the show and he said all their riders use lipo batteries, period. He did say they do have a kit for them but it is not 100% ready for market yet! however if you contact them they have a guy that works for them that has made a kit that you can buy directly from him and not Oset. So might be worth putting a call into them for the number of the guy that makes the kits.
  4. I've found a dealer with a new 2014 200 which I assume has had a kit fitted by them but was unsure if the bike existed as a production model. I'll find out a bit more and then decide if I go for a 125 or the 200 (175) converted bike.
  5. I have been looking at the 2014 GasGas200 as a first bike, my questions are: would it be suitable for a 42 year old beginner at 14.5 stone! Would I be better off with a 125 2015 model from a resale point of view, in case I can't get on with trials! Would a 250 be too much for a beginner?
  6. This bike needs a remap, all oset dealers were briefed on this before the bikes were released to customers. Yours obviously never got done, naughty dealer! Oset are a great company and stand behind their product 110%.
  7. Be careful as some people advertise the old model as 2014 when in fact they were the first of the 48v bikes which were a bit lively to say the least. The easiest way to tell assuming they are still in standard trim is: Early model was mostly black/red with no side panels to enclose the batteries, the better bikes 2014 onwards had white forks with side panels to fully enclose the batteries. The controls and adjustability on the later bikes was far superior to the old model. The difference between the Eco and the R model was the back wheel was wider with a stronger rim than the Eco, an alloy swing arm on the R compared to steel on the Eco and graphics were slightly different.
  8. emilyjudy

    Crf 150

    If you have a crf150r it is no older than 2007 and not 05 as you say, the bike as a brand new model in 2007.
  9. That noise is definitely the decompressor, the 250 and 450 honda do it aswell so don't worry about it. If you lift the cam cover off and look at the decompressor mechanism on the end of the cam and rotate the engine slowly by hand you'll see how it works and why it makes the noise you hear. To change the cam chain tensioner is easy, if you need to that is. Remove the cam cover and make sure the chain doesn't move on the sprocket when you remove the tensioner, just simply put the new one in place in a reverse procedure. They really are quite a bullet proof little engine if kept maintained correctly.
  10. I will check the fingers Lineaway, thanks. I'm not against using atf to be honest Steve I have used it in the past in mx engines but because the bike is new and as I had no experience with GasGas at all I never wanted to find out the hard way that I had the wrong oil in it. And like you say at one point GasGas were recommending the use of atf, then you go on the internet and that opens a whole world of different opinions on oil hence I chose Putoline as I had some and GGUK recommended it. As soon as the bike is up and running again I'll try it once more with the Putoline thats in it and if there is no improvement when upto full temperature then I'll try the atf. Thanks for your comments on nippers riding, he did ok but section 4 done his head in every time! See you in a couple of weeks.
  11. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply, I'm guessing you are Steve Earle of Waltham Chase? It was my son that rode at Hut Hill on Wednesday just gone on the new 80 gasgas. If I'm honest I'm not a great fan of Putoline either and always have sworn by Castrol but after reading many articles about gearbox oil for the gassers the two oils that keep popping up are GRO 75w and the Light fear oil from Putoline which is recommended by GasGas UK. I am aware that doesn't mean GasGas UK's riders use Putoline but is most likely a sponsorship deal. I will get some GRO and try that but if it's no different then I'll try ATF as a final option. the levers you mention, I had looked at those before I even got the bike and wondered about getting a better grip on the bars whilst still being able to use the clutch with kids having smaller hands so I'll get them to try and see if that helps a bit also. Are to saying ipone ATF works well in your bike, or is any ATF good. I had read that ATF can make the plates swell up, is that rubbish or only on older bikes. Cheers, Stuart.
  12. I did ride the bike round quite a bit and I did load the revs up and slip the clutch a lot but I have to admit I don't recall the fan coming on. The master cylinder is set up fine so I'm thinking it may just need some 'abuse' to wear in a bit like you say. I've stripped the rims out of it now to be anodized black so I won't be able to try it for a week or so anyway. I am quite mechanically minded but I think the gasgas brand is different to anything I have worked on before. I am quite used to european bikes and their querky ways having had KTM's for the last 12 years! So I think I'm on a learning curve with the gasgas brand. I am based in Southampton so I'm not too far from you Ben, Give me a couple of weeks to get sorted and if it's still no good I may put out a distress call! Thanks again, Stuart.
  13. A quick update, I drained the gear oil today and after much reading about oils etc I decided to fill it with 400ml of Putoline light gear oil as recommended from GasGas UK and I would say it was marginally better. My question is, where do you guys prefer to see your level on the glass. I have read that the more the oil the more drag you get and mine is showing almost at the top of the glass so wondered if I pulled 50ml or so out the drag may stop or at least get a bit better again. What would you recommend because if this doesn't get to a point where I end up with no drag I think the next step is to take the clutch out and do a measure up as per spec in the manual.
  14. Hi, and thanks for your replies and Happy new year to you all. I got fed up with waiting for the new bike as I had one on order from around October and to be fair the dealer I ordered it from was really straight with me so it wasn't his fault I never got one. I called gasgas UK and got told they would not be importing them for reasons which I won't go into on a forum. I'd set my heart on getting one as I really didn't want a Beta, so I hopped on the Eurotunnel and bought one in Europe from an authorised GasGas dealer who was really helpful but they have been closed since before christmas so I haven't been able to get any advice from them. I did read that the crank was slightly different, (I'm guessing weight) but the stroke is the same as the 125. The bike seams to be great just apart from the clutch drag oh and the very small amount of throw from the kickstart to turn the motor over can be a problem with my sons short legs! I have adjusted the clutch lever several times and ridden it myself to make sure the clutch is working correctly and returning with freeplay and it is so I think I will get some GRO or Putoline and give that a try, thanks.
  15. Hi, Can anyone give any tips for curing clutch drag on a gasgas 80 please? It's a brand new 2015 model which I believe has an identical bottom end of the 125. When my son got it new for Christmas he rode it for about 30 mins total, clutch dragging straight away. After about 3 or 4 minutes ticking over in neutral the clutch lever would no longer pull in! Luckily he never tried to pull it in any harder. At this point I'm thinking why on earth did I buy a gasgas! Anyway I opened the side casing up and found the centre bolt was undone! I removed it and refitted with blue loctite and went to our first trial with it on New Year's Eve which went quite well considering it was his first trial on a petrol bike, but the clutch dragging is a pain in the ass. He is only 10 so it is quite a struggle for a couple of reasons, one being that if he is waiting at a section and needs to move back while in gear he can nearly pull it back at all, and the other is getting the bike in neutral which is near impossible. Will the drag go with more time on the bike or is there a specific oil that may help because if it stays like it is his confidence will be damaged.
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