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  1. Thank you for your answer. But isnt there a difference between 0W75 and 75W oil? Yes, I live in Sweden so maybe its harder to find the right oil. I put ATF oil in the bike and after that I think the clutch has gone harder so now I want the right oil.
  2. The manual recommends 0W75 Gear trans oil, but I cant find that oil anywhere. What are you all using?
  3. http://paulnashmotorcycles.com
  4. Thats right, I changed the relay, but no difference. Arent the relays sealed to be waterproof? Doesnt mean they cant get damp inside anyway, but they are harder to open. Is there a way to test the relay? Good tip to contact Oset, I might have to do that.
  5. So I took the negative wire coming from the battery and disconnected it from the B- on the controller. Then I measured holding the negative probe to that wire and the positive probe on the relay. Now I get 36 volts on all four pins of the relay. Key switch on or off doesnt make any difference. The key switch is working when I measure the resistance through it. Did I do it right gwhy?
  6. The relay doesnt click. I have only 2-3 volts on the relay, regardless of the key switch being on or off. That is on all 4 pins. What I forgot to mension is that I replaced the relay after finding out that the bike works with direct power on the controller, but it didnt change anything.
  7. In the picture is my daughters 16.0 36v Oset and as you can see I need help. I have upgrated it with a lithium ion battery and a Kelly controller. After installing the Kelly controller the bike ran fine for about two months but then it suddenly stopped working. After some measuring I suspected the controller so I contacted Kelly and got some help from them to search for the fault. I finally got the advice to disconnect the relay and connect power directly to the controller. And with -36v to B- on the controller and +36v to B+ and pin9 on the controller (for powering the controller) the bike works (the key switch doeant work). I also disconnected the wire from the relay to B+ on the controller. My problem is that I dont really understand what this suggests. I want to know what is wrong so I can fix it permanent. I hope someone here can help me.
  8. I have installed LiPo batteries on an Oset 20.0 48v before with good result. Now its time for my daughters 16.0 but I am not really sure about what batteries to use. I would like to have maybe 12000-16000 mAh and I am thinking about anything from totally 8 cells (29.6v) to 10 cells (37v). Is there anyone here who have done this and what batteries have you used?
  9. sveson

    Tl 125 Fork Springs

    Thank you feetupfun! I am not planning on changing to much about the bike. If i can just get it a bit stiffer in the front it will be fine. Your suggestion to use springs from for example an XL 125 would be fine for me. The small diameter fork is probably difficult to find progressive springs for.
  10. sveson

    Tl 125 Fork Springs

    My tl 125 is quite soft in the front. Anyone who know where to find longer, harder springs? Preferably progressive Springs.
  11. Is the relay under the rear fender clicking when turning the key? On my 20.0 water had gone in to the relay so it seized.
  12. Dont know if its what you are looking for or if it is possible to see anything but I will give it a try.
  13. http://m.ebay.com/itm/221688377280?nav=SEARCH That is for go kart. But is there one that fits the Oset?
  14. Does anyone know if there is a 9T front sprocket available for Oset 20.0?
  15. The Torrot looks similar to Sherco and Xispa.
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