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  1. I am looking for a rear brake drum/sprocket for a matchless g3c it has a 5 bolt fixing and a 5.5" brake dia any ideas? i have tried the usual suppliers AMC classics,ajs owners club russell motors etc.The bike is 1961. thanks
  2. The hunt for this bikes id continues I have found 2 machines with engine numbers within 5 and six of this one so getting close,the frame number if it had one would be under the frame strengthening which brings me to my next question does any body recognise the frame work carried out (comerfords?) it looks very well done. Thank you Ian
  3. I am looking for the correct rear wheel and brake plate plus a front wheel brake plate for this machine any help pointing me in the right direction would be most helpful. Ian
  4. Thanks for the reply,i would like to return it to its original spec so I need to find a pair of wheels which might be a little tricky but exhaust shocks and seat won,t be a problem I hope. Ian
  5. I need a bit of help from any amc experts out there with a bike I have just bought,the story goes this machine was brought back from Zimbabwe in 2006 in large lumps in a container it was then reassembled by the owner to the state its in now. It seems to me to have the correct trials frame but has no c in the frame number,the motor is g3c 1961 and the gearbox is marked with a t and it has a wader mag fitted.The wheels and exhaust are quite clearly wrong unless this is some strange export model what do you think? Ian
  6. Thank you i will give them a try.
  7. Hi thanks for that,i have been using cyclesavant for parts for this bike but he does not have at crank at the moment.
  8. Hi Engine number on my bike 21m 718
  9. Yes thanks i might have to go that way if one cant be found that can be refurbished.
  10. Hi I am looking for a crankshaft for a very early Mk 1 247 cota (1969) as the one i have is cracked any info welcome. Thank you Ian
  11. Hi Thanks that is the best photo I have seen of the chain guide. Ian
  12. Hi I am new to this forum and i thought that i might pick your brains ref this cota that i have dragged out of a shed (see photos) it has matching frame and engine numbers in the very low 700 s and was reg in sept 1969,most things have been pretty straight forward apart from having a new tank and seat unit made but i am struggling to find a rear chain guide and photos i have found are not clear enough to make a new one, i am pretty sure it was not a tensioner just a guide any body have one they could take some photos for me? P.S Looking for handle bars and side stand as well. Thanks Ian
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