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  1. Pretty sure the transparent fuel tanks are nylon.
  2. Never had any dealings with that model bike, I would think the ''total'' number on your speedometer is an odometer. Pretty much standard together on speedometer gauges.
  3. Have you ruled out a loose timing chain ,tensioner ?
  4. One note: install shim(s) between 14 and 18s hardened washer outer face, not directly against the thrust bearing
  5. Many have had issues trying to keep air in the tire on the newer flanged rear rims with the less popular brands...stick with Michelin or Dunlop on newer bikes
  6. Seen several Beta shift shaft welds shear where the pawl arm is attached, if this is the case, just remove and reweld...easy & cheap. Best of luck
  7. If all the components and parts are intact and working as they should and your still having the problems, those '14-'15 Factory 300's have an older thread or two on this site with owners having problems with them from brand new.. Best of luck
  8. Sorry to hear your having bike issues. Wondering if you clean your bike with a pressure washer? Hope you get'er sorted soon...be safe
  9. Lets not forget to mention the Infamous Formula hydraulics
  10. pauls320


    Did you give splatshop a try? Sometimes its possible to carefully carve/dig/ dremel?? out some of the epoxy and expose enough to solder end onto and then reseal with sikiflex or similar material. Best of luck
  11. pauls320


    Hmm, mine has an orange wire coming out of the left side of the cdi along with that one with the male bullet end, possibly been torn out.? Look closely under that heat shrink tubing at the base of the left side cdi wire(s) exit point..hopefully there is some remnants left to solder your orphaned orange wire back onto. Hope you do not have to buy a new one $$ Good luck
  12. pauls320


    That orange wire should be connected to the CDI. There should be a two wire harness hardwired into the cdi consisting of ...I think.. a Black with white tracer?, and the other will be your orange...this is what your mystery wire connects to. Good luck
  13. pauls320

    Electric start

    Does it got a kickstarter as well?
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