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  1. pauls320

    Ossa tr280i Gearbox removal proplems

  2. pauls320

    Sherco 2.9 tank cap leaking

    Those year oem caps are made by Acerbis...might try checking there??
  3. pauls320

    Can't start my 125 pro!

    Alex, regarding the crank. Generally what happens is a new corod kit is ordered and then the crank is pressed apart with an alignment jig in a hydraulic press and back together with new goodies...Not sure what state of wear/condition your barrel is in ,weather its useable or not. If it is useable you now have to measure it up to figure which size piston to fit.. At the point your at there, like I said, a good shop...and a credit card would be good advice,... second really look over your bike and see if the shock is leaking oil..forks , etc and other issues that you might want to consider before proceeding?? In some cases this is the point that one might really think about stepping up to something a little newer?? Just my two cents, Truly wish all works out well there....(Set of engine gaskets and new o-rings for cylinder head,might consider a newer style metalized base gasket ,as they tend to last longer) Oh, Dont forget to label the fuel can and bike?
  4. pauls320

    Can't start my 125 pro!

    There are no drainage points on that crank/ combustion side of the motor. Transmission is totally separate so oil and magnet debris is not relevant to his immediate problems . Two tanks of straight fuel without oil on an old tired 2003 motor....your bearings and cages are breaking up...$$
  5. pauls320

    Can't start my 125 pro!

    Judging from your first pic, the top of your piston looks like its been smashing bits of metal between it and the head...possibly bits of con rod or main bearing debris or even a lost wrist pin clip?? Pic also has your piston ring rotated around and overlapping the pin, which it should not...maybe its fallen out? You might want to look at taking it to a reputable shop. Hope you get rolling again soon
  6. pauls320

    TXT Pro Front Pipe Bottom Bolt

    You may find a ball end hex key wrench is what you need, most tool manufacturers offer them.
  7. pauls320

    2019 Scorpa 125F motor?

    Another item to toss into the soup pot... . http://www.tatsuyoshi.net/toyota/mc/20090302/ybr125.html
  8. pauls320

    2019 Scorpa 125F motor?

    Now that is Very interesting
  9. pauls320

    Scorpa sy250f

    I would check with the hellteam or possibly birketts
  10. pauls320

    Vacuum fuel pump

    Generally most modern trials bikes are pretty reliable . The 2010-'15 sherco's did not have the best fuel tank system for reliability and were/are prone to problems...art least you did not get one of the ones with the formula hydraulics Hope you get her sorted soon
  11. pauls320

    Vacuum fuel pump

    The pump is just that and not a fuel ''switch''. Check your fuel tank vent hose to make sure its not blocked and allowing pressure to build when parked and put extra pressure on the carbs needle and seat (which should be in perfect clean condition), proper float level is very important too.
  12. pauls320

    Sherco 290 clutch basket

    CSP (costa special parts) makes a beautiful but a bit pricey replacement. Splat sells them on the site. I would call or message them to see if the 2013 + complete basket gear assembly is the oem replacement that cross references up for your application....scorpa version used this too. Please post back afterwards and let us know what you find out.
  13. pauls320

    Engine swap?

    Pretty sure the position of the motor mounting bolts and swing arm pivot points are the same but the head support bracket may need to be customized as 125 and 270 barrels may be different height. Other than that , as cope mentioned there my be other issues...coolant hose routing , etc, 2011 was new style h20 pump if remember correctly...post some pics etc of your build for us
  14. pauls320

    Trs front pipe seal?

    When installing the header pipe, its best to try make sure the inlet is mated flush with the cylinder before snugging up the flange bolts evenly. Its not uncommon for someone to shove header on ,tighten up one bolt and then try catch up the second one, which does not help the situation. If your worried about it you can carefully bend the flange back with an adjustable wrench next time its off. Now go ride
  15. pauls320

    2019 Scorpa 125F motor?

    That was a good read, quite the eye opener. Thanks for sharing that link