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  1. pauls320


    Did you give splatshop a try? Sometimes its possible to carefully carve/dig/ dremel?? out some of the epoxy and expose enough to solder end onto and then reseal with sikiflex or similar material. Best of luck
  2. pauls320


    Hmm, mine has an orange wire coming out of the left side of the cdi along with that one with the male bullet end, possibly been torn out.? Look closely under that heat shrink tubing at the base of the left side cdi wire(s) exit point..hopefully there is some remnants left to solder your orphaned orange wire back onto. Hope you do not have to buy a new one $$ Good luck
  3. pauls320


    That orange wire should be connected to the CDI. There should be a two wire harness hardwired into the cdi consisting of ...I think.. a Black with white tracer?, and the other will be your orange...this is what your mystery wire connects to. Good luck
  4. pauls320

    Electric start

    Does it got a kickstarter as well?
  5. You just bought it? was it running fine before cr*pping out or purchased like that..?
  6. Does your bike still have the ''bank angle sensor'' plugged into the system? Some have had issues with them and remove.
  7. Does the replacement have sufficient thread length? The oem blue thread compound often gums up the internal threads in the carb body, might want to chase hole with the correct tap...carefully to not allow debris into carb/engine.
  8. pauls320

    99 techno

    Try here. https://uk-motoplat.com/
  9. The magnetic kill switch does have its Pros and Cons. Personally I do not use them. Unless it is activated Before the motor is shrieking and on its way to destruction, it will not stop the process..only blocking the exhaust, engine destruction or stalling out will work
  10. Hey Huski, what year is your TRS?
  11. Hi ron, looking at your photo.. shouldn't your band clamp be on the rubber flange closer to the carb?... on left side of the pull tab.
  12. pauls320

    Vertical R 2020

    Cosmetically, I think last years R looks much better.
  13. pauls320

    CDI failures

    Interesting, I read that they have improved the connector plug on the latest machines. Could the failures be contributed to a poorly designed plug on the cdi and water damaging the internals...possibly over use of a pressure washer here and there compounding problem? Be great to hear from factory tech or dealers take on this issue, just to clarify for potential purchasers and even current owners for something to be aware of.
  14. pauls320

    CDI failures

    Whats the story on the CDI failures some owners have been experiencing. Is it just a bad batch, water infiltration ,or.... ? Is this a ''warranty'' issue or out of pocket?
  15. Might want to look at the CDI unit, sounds like a few owners have been having issues with them
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