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  1. pauls320

    new models ?

    I am guessing the ''new model'' will consist of a different graphics package (obviously)and a diaphragm clutch.
  2. If yours is indeed not sealing anymore, you will probably have to dig it out the old one and source some Viton rubber in same thickness ( old one may have shrunk a little) and punch out a new one from the stock.
  3. You could always turn a shouldered aluminum spacer if you have a lathe or have a machine shop do it ,to put it back into desired thread range.
  4. 1:The rubber seal under the choke ...plunger.., can decompose or get hard and fail to seat causing rich running condition even with choke ''off''. 2: Many parts are getting hard to source. It is still a good machine, good luck
  5. Contact the folks at splatshop , top notch parts supplier.
  6. Oem carb is dellorto PHBL26BS
  7. Those mufflers are made out of quite soft aluminum and can be Gently tweaked back to shape once removed from the bike. Use a solid piece of wood for a backing support and slowly and carefully massage it back with a wooden and or a rubber mallet....keep ''trial'' fitting on bike as you go , can lightly fine tune once mounted but be careful as damage to mounting brackets and treaded holes can result if you get over zealous (as faussy mentioned) Should not need to use heat unless its already been done several times before and its work hardened the material. :)
  8. Pretty sure the transparent fuel tanks are nylon.
  9. Never had any dealings with that model bike, I would think the ''total'' number on your speedometer is an odometer. Pretty much standard together on speedometer gauges.
  10. Have you ruled out a loose timing chain ,tensioner ?
  11. One note: install shim(s) between 14 and 18s hardened washer outer face, not directly against the thrust bearing
  12. Many have had issues trying to keep air in the tire on the newer flanged rear rims with the less popular brands...stick with Michelin or Dunlop on newer bikes
  13. Seen several Beta shift shaft welds shear where the pawl arm is attached, if this is the case, just remove and reweld...easy & cheap. Best of luck
  14. If all the components and parts are intact and working as they should and your still having the problems, those '14-'15 Factory 300's have an older thread or two on this site with owners having problems with them from brand new.. Best of luck
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