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  1. For anyone having the same problem you need to loosen the swingarm off a lot, then do the same for the two bolts with the part number of 17. Then wiggle the dog bone back in.
  2. Hi can someone advise me on how to get the dog bone on the vertigo back between the two arms it has the part number 4
  3. Go green , had two sherco's biggest regret
  4. As new as possible is the safest bet
  5. Little bit of throttle and a good kick, 2 kicks cold, 1 kick when warm
  6. I bought the combat vertical 300cc very powerful, the fuel injection makes a big difference
  7. Well so far I haven't had any problems, when they first came onto the market they did have their issues. The fuel tank and airfilter box position works great, they are also easy to work at.
  8. Well the engine in it is amazing, runs so good. It seems well made and the electronics are by GET, which is a lot better than hidria. They have never had to replace an ecu in on one, I definitely cant say that about my TRS's and sherco.
  9. vertigo i have to admit is a great bike
  10. only image released of it
  11. I didnt find the 250 snappy, havent rode a 280 but was told they are snappier
  12. I had a 2018 TRS 300RR was an utter nightmare, it isn't very snappy more grunty, 280 would probably be better for you
  13. I have the 300 and its a beast
  14. dwb5151

    Vertigo suspension

    from what i gather it is very easy to do.
  15. dwb5151

    CDI failures

    my CDI went just a couple of weeks ago on my 2018 trs 300rr which is 1.5 years old, and I had to buy one, funny thing the CDI went on my 2016 trs one 300 at 1.5 years old and they replaced it but now they wont.
  16. Well my Trs was doing this a few weeks ago turned out, to be the CDI box
  17. dwb5151


    lack of maintenance, I look after my bikes extremely well. The bike hasn't been out very much and as well as this why did they put the connector right in where the engine is, where mud/water fly's up around it. Would it not make sense for it to be up in the frame like the CDI box? Lack of maintenance the plug is supposed to be water proof. funny my old TRS never gave any problem with that plug and I rode it an extreme amount.
  18. dwb5151


    The bike is 1 year and 6 months old
  19. dwb5151


    How do i get in contact with him
  20. dwb5151


    The problem is my dealer who i bought the bike from is very busy 2 -3 weeks its generaly how long it takes for him to fix it. Maybe its just my luck with this bike.
  21. dwb5151


    Where do i begin with this, my first TRS was a 2016 300 model, it was a great bike, reliable and only let me down once. I had done hundreds of hours on it, what problems did i have with it. Well, when the bike was 1.5 years old the kill switch stopped working , turned out to be the CDI box, got it replaced for free. Then the bike started burning oil, nearly caught me out, as it nearly ran out of oil. But it was saved just in time. Being well impressed with the bike on how reliable it had been, and easy to work on i decided to upgrade to a new 2018 trs 300rr. So when i took delivery of the bike I was over the moon with it, but then the problems started. First week the bike started leaking coolant around where the top head meets the cylinder head, contacted the dealer, they presumed it was the head orings. So they replaced the head orings . The bike continued to leak coolant, so phoned the head of TRS turns out the gruves in the head where cut to deep. Problem was they didn't have the parts in to replace them. So we decided to replace the orings in the mean time with bigger ones, the bike was still leaking coolant. So before every ride i had to unscrew the radiator cap and check the coolant. After doing this for a few months the bike started to build up compression in the radiator and shoot coolant out of the expansions area. After taking the radiator cap of that much it started to round on me, so i had to buy an after market one as the standard one is terrible quality. Although the good news is the parts had finally arrived in. So the dealer replaced the head and orings, The thermostat also went due to the compression in the radiator. All replaced under warranty. Then a few weeks later the waterpump seal went, and the bike had to go to the dealer again. Then 3 weeks later it happened again, so I took the bike back to the dealer again to get this fixed ,turned out to be a manufacturing defect on the clutch which was causing this, so the dealer had to send the clutch casing away to see if it could be fixed. It was away three weeks and could not be fixed. So they had to ship out a 2019 clutch casing. Due to this being a manufacturing defect they replaced it. (by this case the bike was out of warrenty so had to pay for the labour) Got the bike back finally hoping everything was sorted, was riding it for a reasonable time and then it decided to start acting up, running terrible literally un-ridable. Presumed it was the CDI box was the culprit, bike was at the dealer for another 3 weeks to figure out what was wrong with it, waiting to get a lend of a cdi box and stator to switch them around to see what was causing the problem. Turned out to be none of them, it was the connector in front of the carb, one of the pins had a slight bit of corrosion on it. So the pin was clean and the bike was running perfect. Then the bike started smoking a lot and it turned out to be the crankcase seal, so the bike was burning oil, bike had to go to the dealer again and was away for another couple of weeks. Then i got the bike back last week next day the bike started to run terrible. The bike was cutting out, rattling and sounding terrible. So back to the dealer again, turns out to be the cdi box, but it wont be replaced like what happen on my previous trs. The reason they wont replace it is due to one of the pins on the connector having a bit of corrosion on it, apparently this is what caused the cdi to go, yet this happens 3 weeks after getting the pin cleaned on the connector, im sorry but this bike has done nothing, not a single trial has been done on it, i have only rode the bike on my own ground, It has spent more time at the dealer getting fixed than anything. The connector is apparently waterproof but yet it isnt going by what happened to it. I sorry when i got my first TRS i would have recommended them to anyone but now no. Im sorry but the quality doesnt seem as good in my opinion, this will be the last TRS i buy.
  22. sherco haven't even released there 2020 standard bike yet either has trs
  23. I was told by a Beta dealer that there bike frames come with a life time warranty. I was told they replaced a frame that was very old. How old? i cant remember.
  24. No i didn't buy the csp sump plate, from what i gather its just thicker not wider. I haven't had any problems with the skid plates on the two TRS i have owned. Hope this helps.
  25. I'm on my second TRS, the first one i bought was 6 months old and i had it for a year and a half making it 2 years old. The only problem i had was the crankcase seal going in it. At the time i was getting a good deal on the 2018 TRS 300RR. So I decided to upgrade. Funny my old TRS was sold within a week of it getting fixed at the dealer. The new owner seems very happy with it. My 2018 TRS RR is now over a year old.
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