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  1. Just had a look and my beta has a slow action throttle. The map/light switch has also been removed.
  2. The gasgas I rode had a dual action throttle, slow for the first quarter or something, it was very nice to ride. The bet just doesn't feel right at the moment, I don't have a lot of experience with carb set up but it does feel like it could be sorted.
  3. It just doesn't seem 'connected', it's not smooth, it has enough poke but just seems fluffy, hard to explain.
  4. durham4416

    Power Delivery.

    I've just recently bought a 2013 Beta evo 250, prior to buying I rode a gasgas 250 of the same year which felt perfect, good responsive power delivery, after a quick test ride I thought the Beta was similar but having entered a trial yesterday with my son my throttle just didn't feel at all responsive, very on/off. I have quite a bad wrist injury and limited movement so the throttle response is even more crucial than normal. What can I try with the Beta or should I just look for a gasser?
  5. Excellent, thanks for all tbe advice, very much appreciated
  6. Got my first ride out today, managed to come home with plenty of grazes, a bent rear brake lever and snapped rear mudguard. ? Where is the best place for replacement parts, I never feel like I'm getting a fair price from my local dealer. Also, couple of things I noticed, front brake lever is to far away from bars, seems different to adjust compared to any other bike I've had. The throttle seems a bit 'fluffy' hard to explain, does an ally throttle tube improve things? I managed to climb most things I tried but it just seems a little slow revving, will have to check if it has a flywheel weight. I can't find the map switch either, so they all have them? Thanks in advance
  7. Sounds good, how will I find out if it has a flywheel weight fitted?
  8. Intriguing, I'll see how it goes. My dealer is pretty good so should be ok if it develops. Any other issues?
  9. Hi everyone, I bought my son a beta 80 for Christmas and now I've bought myself a 250 evo so I can play too. I bought it from a local dealer, the power delivery seems very soft, which I like (hope it's not too soft when I actually get out in it properly). The rear brake is squeaking a little, dealer was supposed to sort it but never mind, shall I just remove the calliper and clean the piston up a little? Any other tips? I'm keen for my son to do some trials, sending for his acu this week, what are the classes etc? He is 10 on a big wheel 80. I wouldn't mind having a go too. Any advice would be massively appreciated. I've added some pictures of the Beta's. ?
  10. Hi everyone, I've just sold my 14 week old beta 300rr as I bought my son a beta 80 for Christmas and hardly used it since. I've decide to get a trials bike so we can ride together, I rode a 2014 gasgas pro 250 over the weekend and it felt so easy to ride. My local dealer has a 2013 evo 250, how will it compare? I like the fact the gasgas was so soft, will the beta be similar? He also has a 300 factory on a 15, he said the 250 would suit better? Some advice would be great as in going to have a little go tomorrow then will probably buy it then. ?
  11. There's probably 20 of these posted per day so I apologise in advance, I've just sold my Beta 300rr as it just wasn't going to get used since buying my son a beta 80 for xmas, it was only 13 weeks old but it was just going to sit in the garage so I sold it. I tried a 2014 gasgas 250 pro today, it was lovely to ride, very docile, how do the beta 250's compare. Also are the sherco's quite lively? Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for all the replies, I've done a bit f research and just sorting a license out then I'm going to let him loose at Richmonds first trial of the year on mid February. I think the only thing the bike needs is a lanyard after looking at the acu handbook.
  13. I have just bought my 10yr old son a 2013 Beta evo 80 big wheel for Christmas and he's loving it, he's had an auto 50 mx bike but never gears. He's picking them up already and confidence is growing. The bike is awesome but I'm biased as I have a 300rr. Here's a pic on his 3rd ride out.
  14. Hi everyone, I bought my 10yr old son a beta evo 80 for Christmas, I'm in the North East, I have a beta 300rr myself but thought he would do best learning properly on a trials bike. How difficult are trials events for children? What category would he be in, he's been on it twice and he's picking up gears etc and clutch control (although it needs moving closer to the bar a little). My local dealer does the passes for Croft trials club in Darlington so I'll get him registered although I'd like somewhere we could ride together. Any advice to get my son doing some events would be fantastic. Thanks in advance. I'll be getting him a trials helmet this week
  15. After it popped I think it lost some compression, is the stator a fault on all betas, I know it's common on the rev3's I'll put it back together and see what happens
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