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  1. Thanks for the replies. Partially stripped the bike down for further inspection and found a number of other cracks...not good! No idea how it's happened, has to have been a previous owner because current rider is a novice. Thanks for the help again
  2. Some photos to illustrate the problem! Excuse the dirty bike/workshop....
  3. Hi! So I've just been out getting a bit of practice in and the frame on my friends Sherco 290 2008 decided to snap off where the rear shock attaches. I think it has been hanging on for a while because it just happened whilst riding along. Anyway, now needs to be repaired. I'm assuming it can be welded? If so, will normal wire/gas be ok? Thanks for any help!
  4. Thanks for reply. Yes all fine, so not sure whats going on? I've given the carb a good clean and once i've put the engine back in I will see if it's any better
  5. Just to add- I ended up removing engine from the frame, removed cylinder and everything looks fine. Looks to be running way too rich, I've advanced ignition but haven't changed any jets, whats the recommended jets? I haven't checked what it's running yet but will do. Still not sure what caused the poor running engine? Just need to clear up something that I couldn't understand. I changed the oil recently and drained the oil using drain plug behind gear shifter, I then opened the oil level bolt but a lot more oil came out even though I'd already drained it....am I missing something??
  6. Hi, I took my 04 Sy250 out for a ride a few days ago and something happened to the engine that wasn't good! the engine was still running but wouldn't rev at all and started getting very hot. I could hear a bit of a knocking sound from the crank area...not good! I let it cool and just out of curiosity started it and it seemed to run fine, i only ran it for a second and turned it off. I decided to try and pop the cylinder off and see whats going on but having troubles removing it. It almost looks like the whole engine has to be dropped from the frame to remove the cylinder? Could anyone advise on what the problem could be & how to remove cylinder for inspection? I like the scorpa but it seems to be a nightmare to do any work on!
  7. mutley22

    Sy250 Or 315R?

    Thanks for the replies! I ended buying an 04 scorpa, took it out for a quick ride yesterday, it's very different to the sherco I used to have! The power delivery is super smooth. Is it possible to adjust the power? Will give it a few more rides but I might like it a bit more snappy. I do need to replace the fork seals, does anyone recommend a parts supplier in the uk? Thanks again
  8. Probably already been posted but I've just seen it and it's pretty impressive!
  9. mutley22

    Sy250 Or 315R?

    Thanks for the replies. It's looking like the scorpa is the likely choice, if I'm honest I was hoping for the Montesa but the price is too high, 03 models advertised for nearly £3000!! Is there any difference between scorpa year models? Which would be the best to go for ideally?
  10. mutley22

    Sy250 Or 315R?

    I'm looking at either a 315r or an Sy250. Montesa prices seem have to gone through the roof so the scorpa is looking tempting but if I'm honest I don't know a lot about either bike. I'm a novice/intermediate rider, mostly ride enduros but like to practice/play on trials. I'm 6'4" and around 85kg. I've had a rev3, txt250 and a sherco 250 in the past but big gaps between each bike so hard to compare. Haven't ridden trials for a while but want to have another go, any recommendations?? Parts availability is something worth considering, I'm looking at between 00 and 05 bikes because limited budget. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the replies! Now that I've read what everyone has said I'm definately keen on getting a bike and getting out and doing some riding. Just got to work out what bike. I guess knowone can tell me whats best for me, but I don't know anyone who rides trials so I can't go and ride a few different bikes to find out whats best for me, All I know is the Txt250 I had I didn't get on with it at all for some reason. Theres a Sherco 250 2003 for sale not far from me which looks like a good buy but I don't know anything about Sherco at all, would it be a safe bet as a sort of first bike? It's up for £1100, roughly $1800 and looks very tidy. One great thing I've noticed about trials bikes is that they get to a certain price and don't seem to depreciate! I've noticed some of the older tidy models seem to be going back up in price now. So I figure if I don't get on with the Sherco I could sell it and try another bike?
  12. Hi, new to the forum. I've been thinking about getting another trials bike for a while now so I thought I'd get some advice before I part with some cash. I've had a couple bikes in the past, first had a beta rev 3 then a gas gas txt250. Really enjoyed riding them but all my mates ride motocross and its not much fun riding with about with them! So I sold them in the end. But I've been riding a few enduro events recently and want to get into trials more seriously because it might help my riding?? Is it worth joining a club and doing events? And is there any in Devon in the uk? And what's a good bike to be looking at in the £1-1.5k area? Any help appreciated
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