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  1. All is right with the world again! Get rid of the linkage and attached shifter to Tran shaft and it seems like problem is gone. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions and opinions from you all!
  2. Zippy, I just went out to the shed and checked and it will slip down even when going from say 4th to 3rd. So to me that seems to give evidence that it’s not internal and could just be the linkage?
  3. Sounds good I will definitely try to remove the linkage first. If it is internal I may have to take it in. I’m not too mechanically inclined (I know that is a shameful admission in forums like these. If it internal and I wanna take a stab at it where would I find parts. Is there a popular website with older motorcycle parts or is it just find it wherever you can?
  4. I have a 1987 TLR200 with shifting problems. When you tap the shifter into first gear the shift arm will drop 90 degrees down from its neutral position. Think of the shift lever pointing at the ground. And you can tell the linkage is out of whack. You then have to manually return the shift lever to the horizontal position. It shifts fine from neutral to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on. Any thoughts on the problem? I’ve read that I could ditch the linkage and connect the shifter directly to the transmission shaft. Not sure if that would fix issue or not yet. Thanks
  5. I just currently recently bought a TLR. Test drove it and was fine. Then get it home and it has the exact same issue as the one you described. Did you ever find the reason/solution?
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