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    Wanted - Beta techno 94,5,6 model preferably, pm details - Thanks


  2. Go for the TRS great package of a bike. Top of the range front and rear suspension, good solid motor and much better build quality.
  3. GT85 spray and elbow grease ....!
  4. Hi all iv removed battered rim tape from front wheel and it’s left heavy Amounts of adhesive on the rim, anybody had this and what have you used to remove it easily? Thanks
  5. Sandiford off road - had everything I ever needed for my 2005
  6. danbbx1

    Gas gas txt 2019

    I have just bought a 19 GG280. Having ridden the rest of the bikes excluding a 4rt at a local test day this bike felt absolutely spot on from the start (for me) Really happy with it. Real peachy motor and great suspension. Definitely try a 280 aswell as a 250 if possible. ?
  7. danbbx1

    New Gas Gas 280

    No manual. Didn’t get one with my last bike (trs) either. manul found and info obtained thanks
  8. danbbx1

    New Gas Gas 280

    Merry Christmas everyone i have a new 19 txt280 and have ridden round for an hour so all good. Is there a set amount of time needed for running in? What gearbox oil are people using and also what Qty for a oil change? Thanks
  9. danbbx1

    19 TRS rr

    Has anybody had a go on one or purchased yet, looking at a 250, any feedback? Thanks
  10. danbbx1

    Beta TR35r

    Evening all I got a slight clutch drag on my tr35. Adjusted clutch at the lever almost all the way. im currently using an ATF oil and last changed about three trials ago. has anyone else had this issue and any recommendations on setting or what oil to use? thanks
  11. danbbx1

    New Bike

    I got my Trs one 250 on Saturday after having tried one out at the BVM test bay back late last year. Would highly recommend it. its a cracking bike with great build quality to go with it. i felt immediately at home with it. its a well planted bit of kit. Just hope that better results come with it now!!
  12. Keep them both!! I'd keep the Beta. Iv got a TR35 and really find it a joy to ride.
  13. Evening All As the subject suggests. I have recently moved from a 05 4rt to my not so long ago aquired Sherco 250 having fancied a 2 stroke again. I made that fatal mistake of going along to the BVM test day with a good friend of mine having no intention of trying any of the bikes. I ended up having a go on a TRS 280 and really liked it. I then Had a go on the 250 and loved it. I now am in a situation not knowing what to do. Any new TRS 250 owners out there got any reviews to help kick me over the edge!! Thanks
  14. Evening all, I have always wanted a little project but never get round to it. I would be looking for something that needs a bit of a tidy up and may be a little fettling. I fancy a nice orange fantic or ty mono. The tys pop up a lot of the time, your fantic 245,305's etc not so easy to find. Any body know of anything about? Also any body wanting to share their own experiences / views on projects they are doing / completed would be we one. Thanks
  15. danbbx1

    Beta Evo 250 2016

    I know the 300 has a Keihin carb. I thaught the 250 sherco had a dellorto.
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