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  1. Here's another thread with pics https://www.advrider.com/f/threads/marzocchi-fork-maintenance-de-mystefied.1018648/
  2. It's definitely the rebound side on mine. Makes the noise even when the fork is off the bike after bleeding use hell team instructions (and others), etc.
  3. You can order the thicker jet block oring from this place, great resource too http://www.mid-atlantictrials.com/K-101-Parts.html
  4. Compression side is pretty straight forward however since the rebound side is closed cartridge setup you have to follow Hell Team instructions since you have fork completely apart. If you did NOT move the rod and sucked in air, then you might be alright just adding fluid to correct air gap. With that said I've had nothing but trouble with my rebound side and cannot seem to get ride of the "clunk" when it is coming back up on rebound stroke. Hopefully you have better luck than I did.
  5. Do tell Lineaway, what's your secret?
  6. From my 2010 Owners manual and don’t think it’s changed
  7. Following as I'm in the same boat as you with a 2010 that I maintain religiously and has 450 hours but it is a legit green sticker so need it to last until 2025. Will be curious to hear what others have to say about dealer support since I've been mostly using places like trialsuperstore for parts. Where about in CA are you located?
  8. mbeers6

    compression test

    Yes you need to do test with throttle wide open (engine of course off). My '17 with 375 hours tested at 145psi so I'd say try again with throttle WFO. If still that low, then you have issues.
  9. Hey Feets, well the top photo (stock part) is showing backwards above so I probably should have found a better example I called a vendor today who has a '14 and '21 in his shop so he is going to try to look and see if the newer style guard will bolt up to the old style mount. I'll post a solution assuming I find one. Apparently KTM has no interest in supplying "legacy" parts so it will be interesting to see how availability of older parts goes next few years.
  10. I have a 2017 txt 250 and been searching for a rear disc guard but they seem to be on back order everywhere. It does NOT look like the new style disc guard will bolt up. Anyone know the bare minimum components I would need to buy to make it fit? The old part # is BT57050R3009 The new part # is BT57050GG-CPR-1
  11. I'm pretty sure it goes between the clutch cover and the kickstart shaft. So you install the clutch cover, then this tapered washer then the kickstart itself. Larger end butts up against kickstart
  12. My guess is excess carbon buildup in the mid pipe of the exhaust. Were you riding for extended period at higher RPM like on a fire road? That will definitely heat up the goo in the mid box.
  13. Thanks Carl and Feetup! Will look at getting correct length bolts (luckily my pegs aren't "drooping" yet) and also searched for pre formed peg mounts (see below). I try to take care of all my bikes (hence 400 hours on original engine) but do hope to get a new bike in next few years. Feetup...have you seen any peg mounts for sale which are specifically made for modern TXT? I found these on RYP which are meant to allow vintage trials bikes use modern pegs. The GasGas frame is rounded but I'm sure a fabricator could grind this product down to make it fit. Would like to avoid messing with welding the frame if I can.
  14. Hello all, what are your opinions on how I should fix this issue? 2017 GG with around 400 hours and stock skid plate didn't protect base of footpeg mount so material was scraped off. Now I'm getting concerned as the hole for the footpeg bolt is dangerously close to the "edge" of the mount on both pegs. Another rider in our club said he could weld some "material" to the base to build the mount back up. I think that is the best option right now since I don't think GasGas sells a replacement footpeg mount. Your thoughts?
  15. 99% sure that hole is stock so no need to worry as it was likely there before the damage occurred. Read through this thread for more info on that hole.
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