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  1. johnh

    RHF841T Fantic 175

    A long shot but just wondering if the above bike is still about or owned by anyone on here. It was my first trial bike that I bought off Carl Baker and rode in Manchester 17, Macc & Hyde trials in the very early 80’s. TIA.
  2. I use a DC rack on my discovery sport with a detachable tow bar and have had no problems
  3. I believe it's called Ross Noble: All torque
  4. I would says its down to personal choice and funds. I have a trailer but have started to use a rack on the back of the car. Ideally I would prefer a van, its secure, all your kit, tools and the bike/bikes are out of sight and it doubles up as a changing room but I cant justify the cost of buying and running another vehicle.
  5. RPA in Bristol quote from £75 (small frame) upto £125 (large frame), they recently stripped and coated my Z650 frame and I can highly recommend them. I have also used Redditch Shotblasting with very good results and service.
  6. They get my vote, I'm on my second after crash testing the first!
  7. Managed to launch myself over the handlebars on Sunday and landed on my napper. I felt my head hit a rock pretty hard but it wasnt until I took my helmet off and saw the damage that I realised how hard the impact was. Out come - one knackered brand new helmet but it did its job as I sustained no injury other than aching neck muscles. Money very well spent and replacement Jitsie ordered!
  8. Had a great day today, my first trial for a good too many years. Some good bits, some not so good bits ( might need a new helmet!) but finished with a smile and looking forward to my next outing. Thanks to all at Stroud MCC.
  9. Where is the trial, if I get all my diy done I will try to get over Cheers
  10. I was thinking Gas Gas TXT, Beta Rev3, Sherco or Mont 315. 200 or 250cc 2 stroke. Slightly concerned with the Gas Gas with the factory going under and spares availability. Any advice would be greatly received. Cheers
  11. Are there any dealers that have a few 2nd hand bikes in stock, From what I have seen it appears that they are all up north? Cheers John
  12. Have you tried BVM in Stroud? I got a few parts from them when I restored mine 01453 762743
  13. johnh

    Electronic Ignition

    Thanks for the replies and advice fella's. I will take a punt on the HT Coil and stator on ebay, if that improves/sorts it then I will invest in a new HT coil and get the stator sent away for a refurb as the 2nd hand parts are nearly as old as my originals. I doubt it will be the carb as I am running a new mikuni, which I have stripped and cleaned just to eliminate that from the problem. I hope it isn't the crank seals as the engine was stripped and all bearings and seals were replaced but if the above doesn't work then I may have to revisit the bottom end. Thanks again
  14. johnh

    Electronic Ignition

    I have replaced the plug, cap, points, condensor and renewed all the wires from the stator. The bike did run nicely but it has developed a problem which has turned into the bike not starting at all now. So my attention has been drawn to replacing all the remaining electrical parts and so changing to electronic ignition.
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