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  1. Thanks Rich Thanks for the advice. I read about the shattford place and was going to have a ride over and take a look. Ive been offered a bike from a work colleague been well looked after hes had it from new, gas gas 2009 (new shape frame i will have to believe him on that) 300 txt dont know if that will be to big to start on, but its looks a great bike. Iam 17 stone 6 foot 2 so might need something to pull me around lol. Darren
  2. Thanks Dan thats already a great help. Im as basic as what bike to buy etc
  3. Hi All Never rode a trial bike before, dont own a bike yet either. Had road bikes for 30 plus years and still own a road bike now. Hit the big 50 December 2019 and would love a new challenge and hobbie that involves bikes and bikers and trials looks as if it could offer that . I live in Wolverhampton and am looking for a local club etc to get a bit of info into where to start. ANY help would be great at this stage Many Thanks Darren
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