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  1. Going Fast Forward:
  2. Crack in the frame welded. Engine cleaned and back in the frame.
  3. Brake callipers rebuild:
  4. Got the liquids capacity sorted out, thank you PSCHRAUBER. Quick test ride before disassembly (no brakes fitted, no killswitch): https://youtu.be/FjCgw3_DbKo Engine is out, I need to weld up the crack in the frame: Forks disassembled, new seals on their way. Springs are quite beat up, there as additional woodden spacer for preload adjustment. Headset bearings need cleaning and greasing.
  5. I've opened front brake pump - seems that brake fluid has turned into jelly Next, I've removed the skidplate and drained the oil. I've screwed out both plugs at the bottom of the engine but not even 300ml of oil dripped out. I've tried leaning the bike to the sides but it didn't help much. I have repair manual for TR32 and it says the engine holds 1 liter of oil. I would assume it should be similar for my TR34. I haven't seen any signs of oil leakage on the casings, so seems strange to me.
  6. Sorry for digging out an old topic, but I'm somehow not able to send you a private message. Do you by any chance have more of those Repair Manual photos for TR34?
  7. Any luck finding the manual? I've just bought an '8 TR34 and looking for one as well.
  8. I've assembled the bike today and tried to start it, but it did nor run well. Would either rev the hell out of itself or not hold revs at all. I've opened the carb and cleaned all jets - they were all gunked up. After this procedure it runs sweet. Next to do: change engine and fork oil, install and bleed the brakes.
  9. Hello, I've just bought a 1988 Beta TR34. It requires some TLC but nothing major I believe. It was dismantled by previous owner, so I bought it in boxes but I got a photo of it put together My first bunch of questions: What type of engine oil and how much CC to use? What fork oil viscosty to use? I've found here to put 200ml per side. Is there a symbol or number for air filter? Mine has disintegrated and I would like to source one locally. Rear rim is tubeless type, it is fitted wit two valves at the moment I believe one should be replaced with rim lock. I am concerned if a standerd rim lock would seal properly and won't let air. Are there special rim locks for TL rims? Or is there any trick for it to seal? Will post updates here. Cheers!
  10. Hello everyone, my name is Bart and I am from Poland. I've just bought a 1988 Beta TR34 260cc as an early christmas present for myself It needs some basic restoration and maintenance, but nothing that would overwhelm me. I am an amateur enduro enthusiast who wants to improve his riding skills and technique. Hopefully I can later translate those skills to my Yamaha TT600R, or maybe I will totally hook on Trials? Who knows? I also collect and restore vintage Vespa scooters, that is why I wanted a classic 2T Trial bike, not a modern one. Hope to find a lot of information here. Cheers!
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