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  1. I've used Mr. Sheen for years on just about everything, even as a car polish but not in a sunny spot or hot car body. It tends to build up a coating that protects. Obviously not on brakes and stuff!🙂
  2. There's a TY125 on fleabay in Blyth, north-east. £2195.
  3. Moomoo


    That's grand, thank you.🙂
  4. Moomoo


    Just seen a Scorpa described as an SY250, however, the Kickstarter is on the left! What engine is that? It looks like a decent , if old bike. So , I suppose all I want to know is, what is it and are they any good?
  5. SWEET😍 There is a 250 alloy tank at DK off-road at Newcastle , Staffs. £450, ouch!
  6. I like hopeless, it's up there with other stuff that doesn't hurt if you accept it! ??
  7. The prices are high today for one reason! I'm looking to buy!!! ?
  8. Thanks for that Freedo, I saw one for sale and was quite taken with the looks of the frame. To check back-up , I tried to contact UK importer, so far no reply. Will try again.
  9. A TY125 is available with electric start, Non Stop just sold a2013 for £1795. 82kg.
  10. What is parts back up like for Jgas bikes. They seem to be shrouded in mystery. Even googling , gives few definitive answers. They look well built and thoughtfully designed.?
  11. Great bike bud . There was one for sale in Ammanford , recently, very reasonable , too far away for me. I think they're super. After summat similar. Glad you enjoyed it. ??
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