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  1. I like hopeless, it's up there with other stuff that doesn't hurt if you accept it! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
  2. More stuff that defies belief. The human is supposed to be the most intelligent creature on earth. I would submit that program as evidence that it does not include all of them.
  3. The prices are high today for one reason! I'm looking to buy!!! 😭
  4. Adoration of individuals is almost always a one-way street. Be it sportsmen, pop stars or whoever. The individual all to often starts to believe the hype and also start to act like some superman without anyone to remind them that they are not. For too long. As for the followers of such people, my time in retail has taught me never to underestimate the gullibility of Joe public. My time as a psychotherapist has shown me that people can be very convinced that any reason for them to change their opinions or behaviour can only mean the person asking them to consider any change are viewed as nuts. Make your own list.
  5. Thanks for that Freedo, I saw one for sale and was quite taken with the looks of the frame. To check back-up , I tried to contact UK importer, so far no reply. Will try again.
  6. A TY125 is available with electric start, Non Stop just sold a2013 for Β£1795. 82kg.
  7. Yeah, definAte.❀️
  8. Thank you . Much obliged.
  9. What is parts back up like for Jgas bikes. They seem to be shrouded in mystery. Even googling , gives few definitive answers. They look well built and thoughtfully designed.πŸ€”
  10. I'm not sure you've understood the point being made here.
  11. Thought it , dare not say it !!!! I suspect there are quite a few , biting their lip. That in its self speaks volumes.πŸ™Š
  12. 9.1 % with a convincing argument in a Non-whipped system, possibly. With a Whipped system, not so much. l feel I'm missing something here.
  13. Great bike bud . There was one for sale in Ammanford , recently, very reasonable , too far away for me. I think they're super. After summat similar. Glad you enjoyed it. πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  14. Tiring , you're not kidding. I did an experience day at Leek last December. Arrived home with a huge grin, that's about as much energy I had left. The beer went some way to revival. Glad you enjoyed it bud.πŸ‘
  15. Looking forward to the report chap!πŸ˜‹
  16. Aerosol waterproofing spray prior to or after waxing is well worth it. I've used it on work boots when I used to work in a wet salty environment loading gritters, works very well.
  17. All part of the homogenisation of humanity by the powers that be. The sleepwalking into 1984 that is accepted these days by the younger generation is frightening. They are bribed with **** they are told they have to have to be happy , complete , functioning , acceptable people. There are countries where the government likes to keep control either by fear, (China), fake Bogey men (Russia) and now that Communism has all but gone as an ideology , Religious extremism (USA). This, linked with generally being lied to by every vested interest under the sun, making sure state education is little more than programming and the clandestine monitoring of all the technology , we unthinkingly use, all points one way! I am old enough to remember student protests on a regular basis against one form of state intervention or another. They are few and far between now. The fear of putting something subversive on social media will affect your employment prospects, so be good, do as your told and reap the rewards. Other people have put on this thread just how herdism, the momentum of numbers , can control the free thinkers. It's all around us. Sorry for the rant!
  18. I'm glad that's all cleared up.πŸ˜„
  19. Very nice bud, won't be short of grunt , anyway!πŸ˜€
  20. I fancied the same bud, went on an experience day, totally re-hooked. After a bit of a a hiccup, I have narrowed down what I'm after bike wise and on the search. The experience day threw up one or two age related bits but a few weights and exercise seems to have sorted that. As a 66 year old in his late teens ,the odd compromise , I guess , has to be addressed!πŸ˜€ Go for it chap!
  21. I fear that genie is not going back into the bottle. Come to that , I doubt any of the modern crap media will see their deserved Nemesis. Someone said about reaping what you sow, some of us reap what others sow; maybe through powerlessness , ignorance or apathy. I say every day....."maybe time to take the Winchester down from the wall"....... but I know I never will!
  22. Moomoo

    TY 125 4T speedo.

    Excellent!πŸ˜€ πŸ‘
  23. There are no breaks on the BBC or insets or diverting flags to other commercial ventures. The Beeb will openly admit to mistakes when they are made. EVERYTHING, commercial has an agenda!😱
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